Now, we will describe powerful mobile marketing methods you can implement in just a few minutes. We will investigate what the industry and the technology allow us to do today, how to persuade people to sign up for your service, and which file formats to use when delivering your content.

We will also take a sneak peek at what will happen with mobile marketing shortly. The hands-on experience is based on solving marketing problems with the help of InfoNU ( InfoNU is a free web-based mobile mass communication platform that supports the latest trends in mobile marketing. With InfoNU, you can:


Send SMS messages such as personalized alerts and mobile coupons

Push mobile content like banners, mp3-songs, ringtones, video clips, visiting cards, and java games

Push links to mobile websites

Create and schedule mobile campaigns Sign up and manage consumers Get your icon next to the address book and calendar to publish mobile content without cost

View statistics on how users receive mobile marketing efforts

As in all sectors in explosive growth, bright people gravitate towards mobile marketing, create start-up companies, offer solutions,s and unfortunately make a big creative mess full of definitions, standards, ideas,s, and answers. This article series is the authors attempt to untangle the web of technologies into easy-to-use patterns you can use in your everyday marketing of your brand, company, products and services. A second part of this article is planned. In Part 2 we will take a closer look at advanced concepts in mobile marketing like tailor-made mobile applications and mobile community services Try Know.

Permission Marketing and What Mobile Marketing is NOT

A mobile phone is a highly personal communication device. Mobile marketing is not about spamming uninterested people with irrelevant SMS messages at 2:00 am. Marketers have to respect this. Never send messages to someone without having their permission. Sending unsolicited SMS messages to people is not good marketing. Aside from the ethical aspect of spam, it does not work and costs you a lot of money. Please do not do it.

Marketing activities that depend on the consumer’s permission are referred to as permission marketing and are central to mobile marketing. Embrace permission marketing and protect your list of consumers, it is the people who have given you permission to speak.

The Mobile Marketing Dance

Instead of sending unsolicited SMS messages, the trick in mobile marketing is to persuade people to sign up for your service and find a balance between providing sales-driving information and offering value so that your customers are informed and happy.

How to Persuade People to Sign Up for Your Service

What can you offer that makes your consumers accept the commercial side of your company? Here are a few suggestions: In other words: Send something back as a Thank you for signing up. Give your new user something for free. Give your new user a possibility to win something nice. At least a thank you SMS.


To configure InfoNU so that you automatically send something back when new consumers sign up to your service, log on to your InfoNU account, select Settings in the Intranet Home menu followed by SMS Signup settings, click on Details for your code word and enable Respond automatically with an SMS message. You can send back an SMS message, mobile content like images, video and music, a link to your mobile web site or a Java application.

To integrate your own web site with InfoNU as in the fifth example above, select Help in the Intranet Home men, Integratee InfoNU and click on Generate Link.