Various Designs in Moncler Men’s Jacket

There are countless series to get your choices from in Moncler jacket for men range. Each series is designed in such a way that different styles and trends get reflected and amalgamated. As the time of chilly weather gets nearer, it is time for you to go and shop for your winter jacket. One is always on the outlook to get something... more →
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The Apple iPad in Manufacturing

The iPad is essentially an iPhone ‘on steroids’. Weighing in at 1.5lb (0.68kg) it has a 9.7″ multi-touch screen, speaker, microphone, compass, accelerometer, (so it knows if it’s being tilted and rotates the screen accordingly), Wi-Fi (the faster 802.11n standard) and Bluetooth. It comes with three storage... more →
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How to Build an iPhone App

This might sound like a daft question at first. But I want to make sure that you have fully explored your target audience and considered whether it would be more suitable to launch an app on the Blackberry or Android platform. If you have your mind set on an iPhone app, then I urge you to also consider what happens when it is a success?... more →
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A Look at Steve Jobs – What Happens to the Apple When it Loses Its Core?

Since 1997, Steve Jobs has led the MacWorld Keynote event addressing the Apple flock, with pride and power. From a majestic, seemingly mystical, pulpit set atop a wide, dramatically lit stage, he has regaled stockholders, software developers, and enthusiastic consumers, numbering in the millions, with Apple’s plans for the... more →
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Is the iPad Useful? – Just the Facts

I’ve always been somewhat of a gadget guy. I was an early adopter of the earliest video game systems (think Tank Battle, Atari, Colecovision) and home computers (remember the Vic 20, Commodore 64, Commodore Pet?). I even bought one of the early Casio calculator watches in the 1980s. Continuing the trend, I picked up a Casio... more →
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A Practical Legal Guide to iPhone Application Development

It’s the iPhone Application developer’s worst (and increasingly justified) fear: Spending significant time, money, and resources building an app only to have it rejected, or worse, pulled from the App Store for alleged legal violations. Carefully navigating the legal landscape in which app development operates is therefore... more →
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10 Things to Love About the iPhone

10 things to love about the iPhone I took delivery of my iPhone at the start of September, the start of a trying month personally that saw me out of the office for very long periods and only in touch with the world via my phone. It was a baptism of fire for me and the device. You will have seen the adverts, played with it in phone... more →
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