What Do You Spend Your Time Doing During The Week? 

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This week I was passed by so fast! I barely did anything! How did this happen?

Sound familiar? These are general statements and questions we usually ask ourselves when we discover that a day has come and gone, yet nothing was accomplished, or more could have been accomplished. What, in effect, is going on? Where is the time being spent? We must look closely to study our moves and better understand what is being done with our time.

Let us go through a regular of full-time employees to see how their time was spent and what could have been done to change the situation to save more time. Let us give the individual a name to make it as realistic as possible for the story’s sake. Zachary Phillips is a Human Resources representative for Mansfield, a web designing company. He wakes up in the morning at 6 o’clock and picks up his phone to view his messages on WhatsApp, Facebook,

Instagram. He also watches some videos on YouTube before he finally gets up at six fifty-nine. He gets in his room and dresses up quickly without forgetting to put on his blue blocker lenses to shade his eyes from the glare of his work screen. He hurries to the bathroom to shower and brush his teeth as he must leave the house at seven-thirty to catch the downtown bus! As he dashes out, he remembers not getting the chance to pack a lunch. Therefore, he will have to pick something up at the café before getting to work. As a distraction, Zachary plays Candy Crush on the bus until he gets downtown.

Upon arrival, he hurriedly takes the subway system to work. He stops by the cafeteria to get himself breakfast and notices one of his colleagues; he stops to chat about the weekend for a bit before finally heading to his office. He then goes to his office and remembers that he had to read up on a certain topic regarding web development; therefore, he spends one hour reading up on it at his desk while eating his breakfast.

He then starts his day with his workload at eleven, meaning that he will finish at seven in the evening. A tired and hungry Zachary leaves the office at seven in the evening and heads to a local restaurant to order food before taking the subway back to the terminal and the bus back home. Once settled at home an hour and a half later, Zachary devours his food and then places his blue blocker glasses on the desk before falling asleep on the couch with his work shirt and pants still on

How Could The Time Have Been Better Spent

When looking at the story, we would tell ourselves that this is a perfectly normal day. Everything went well, right? There were no issues. Though there were no major issues, the day could have been spent more productively. We will start from the beginning of the day when Zachary woke up; instead of spending almost an hour browsing social media, he should have gotten up right away to prepare his lunch, which would have saved him time and money. When on the bus, he could have started his web development readings instead of waiting to get to the office.

He should have avoided conversing with his colleague when he got to the cafeteria. That was not the appropriate moment, especially since he was already running in late. Implementing these few steps would have saved him two hours of his day. At the end of his day, he should have ordered his supper from the local restaurant instead of presenting himself there and waiting in line to get his food. These are all tips and tricks that help to manage our time effectively. Though they seem random and minute, they go a long way.