As you start analyzing, use a phrase of caution. I have an ‘all to grind’ and will provide answers and say things that you won’t like. Perhaps this will get you so dissatisfied that you’ll be aware of your anger on taking one advantageous movement towards solving our collective problems; these days, you will further use your skills to make your network/world a little better.

The handiest option to preventing tragedies like we’ve got just visible, once more, in Arizona, is to create more people capable of working and living in their community- assisting every other. Let me say this once more- the only strategy to stopping tragedy after tragedy- like the one in Tucson, Arizona, is to work closer to developing higher humans together. By this, I imply that folks who recognize who they are physically, mentally, and spiritually have sufficient time to consume, experience a part of their community, and work towards the more appropriate.


– Collectively, we want to attend to the person and have all our structures- academic, spiritual, governmental- operating toward growing facilities and surroundings that help character freedom and enable younger people to grow into wholesome adults; a healthful adult is a person who knows how to balance their very own non-public want with the wishes of others.

– Second, we want a society that demands personal responsibility to improve the world and network. Everyone desires to assist every other to realize that we are inter-established. It subjects what my neighbor does and if they are hungry/ill. Daily, it subjects what I, in my view, do. As a society, we’ve despatched humans to the moon and sent robotic droids, and I consider people down to the lowest of the private ocean. Please don’t inform me we cannot clear up noticeably complex and seemingly impossible troubles. The motive troubles aren’t solved: is both together we see no solution (provide-up) or just don’t cognizance our energy/assets on fixing them.

– Guns. Yearly, why are we nonetheless promoting and making more weapons? How come they’re not managed as a lethal substance? Why don’t you take a mental test before buying and owning a gun? We must bypass a riding check- earlier than we’re allowed to drive. It seems to be a gun is a deadly weapon similar to an automobile when no longer appropriately driven.

– Screening for Problems. When I was young, I needed certain vaccines to defend my magnificence pals and head to high school. Also, I had a watch and listened to check to help me feature at my highest level. Why may there be no regular screening of all kids for emotional issues (despair, excessive violence, alienation, and loneliness) and reasonable remedy alternatives that can be required?

– Violent Video Games/Negative News Coverage. We are conscious beings, and iourtopics are what we put into our minds. If I spend all day gambling on violent video games and looking at ‘slanted news insurance,’ my mind will formulate a particular vision of an adverse global. I am sick and uninterested in looking at News Shows tdocumentingone terrible occasion after another, having one comfortable, hhuman-interesttale on the top of the display. Stop gambling to decrease excitement need.