With the economy in dire straights My Update Web and only so many hours in a day, many people are turning to the internet to attempt to make money online by building a home based business. When thinking about starting a home-based business, it is necessary to keep for processes in mind: Creation, Automation, Promotion, and Repetition. Home based business are just like any other business in that they require vision, passion, discipline, resources, networking, strategies, and a daily action plan. You will not be successful in a home based business if you approach it as a hobby.Affiliate

1. Determine niche

The first step in traffic generation is determining your target niche, like making money online. If you have elected to do affiliate marketing, you need to target this a specific sub-niche of customers and ONLY market to them with each campaign. You cannot adequate serve every market segment. Therefore, potential prospects will gravitate to marketers who appear to be addressing their specific needs. People interested in affiliate marketing may not be interested in other online income streams such as CPA. Also, success in any marketing effort is dependent on momentum. If the focus is too broad, or continuously shifted from one sub-niche to another, previous marketing efforts become wasted before any measurable progress can be realized. The problem is, the learning in any business (and most success stories) comes from trial and error. It’s important to research and see what ads are working, what products are selling, and what approaches sellers are using to make money. But in the end, you need to stay focused on your target market, and TEST! This means to keep trying different headlines, offering different free gifts, trying different sign-up page layouts but stick to the same target customer base until you make it work! You will have less success in the affiliate marketing sub-niche if your efforts are diluted For Tricks.Marketing

2. Do keyword research

Keyword research is important as prospects for each sub-niche will use certain keywords, relative to their interests, for search engines. Therefore, it is prudent to discover which words generate the most searches for a particular niche or sub-niche. Keyword research can then be more narrowly focused towards keyword phrases that better differentiate the target sub-niche. It is very difficult to rank high on a search page for a broad keyword or keyword phrase. It is a much more constructive and effective use of time to look for longer keyword phrases that have much less competition, but still sufficient amount of searches. Such keywords are referred to as “long-tailed keywords” and facilitate the burrowing into a sub-niche. For example, the keyword phrase “baby furniture” is broad, and obviously not as specific as “baby crib bedding.” As more definitive or descriptive words are added to a search phrase, much more targeted traffic can be directed to your site or web page. Google’s AdWords Keyword tool is a free tool to help determine appropriate keywords for niches and sub-niches.

3. Determine Affiliate Product

Once you have determined your target sub-niche in affiliate marketing and determined the best keywords for that sub-niche, you will need to determine your affiliate product to market to this niche. There is a reason that this step comes after determining the niche and developing the keyword phrases to be targeted. It would make no sense trying to choose, or create, a product before verifying the viability of the market that the product would be intended for. Ideally, you will have a variety of products for your targeted sub-niche to facilitate engagement with different levels of your sales funnel. Free products, such as e-books, e-reports, and videos are often used to entice prospects to initially respond. Once the prospect responds to free (or low priced) offers, this prospect can be reasonably assumed a member of the target sub-niche with appropriate communication to follow (to include offers for affiliate products or other products). Ultimately, the long-term goal in product development should be for a continuity affiliate product (one requiring ongoing payments at regular intervals, such as a membership).

4. Setup WP Blog Website

Setting up a website is also a step that must follow niche, keyword, and product determination. You will need to have selected your keywords and product in order to properly populate your web pages with content. This step is crucial in online search engine optimization. The search engines use technology to evaluate your site to determine its relevancy. By proper selection and placement of keyword phrases throughout your content pages, the search engines will ideally assign greater relevancy to your target sub-niche. As a suggestion, you will want to setup a WordPress blog website because it is really simple to do and WordPress blog websites are so versatile. If you are marketing affiliate programs, you will really want to send prospects to a landing page on your site, rather than directly to the affiliate program website. Setting up a WordPress blog website involves 2 basic tasks. In order to do this, you will need to obtain a domain name (www.YourSite.com) of your choice. And, you will need to secure a Web Hosting Service in order to host your domain. Often these 2 items can be secured in the same place like GoDaddy.com or HostGator.com. Once you have secured your domain name and hosting service for that domain, you will be able to upload the free WordPress website script to the hosting service account under your domain name. There are many online WordPress video tutorials that will walk you through this process step by step. Once the WordPress website is online, each page of content generated should be made with automation in mind.


5. Automation

Once you have accomplished the issues involving sub-niche, keywords, product, and website, you, then, need to think it through in order to automate everything. You need an autoresponder to get your affiliate marketing prospects’ email addresses, as well as to follow up with your visitors that subscribe and/or purchase. You need to be able to automatically accept payments for products online and to be able to automatically deliver them (affiliate product owners will take care of this portion). You need to be able to automatically generate statistical data in order to objectively measure and evaluate performance. You must use automation in order to make your site profitable. Do not expect to make money if you deliver your orders manually. Do not expect to make money if you do not know who your affiliate prospects and your customers are. Do not expect to make money if you do not keep in touch with both your affiliate program prospects and your customers. Therefore, each of your WordPress web pages should have an automation portal, in the form of an email opt-in form, located on the page. As stated in the product section, an enticement should be provided in order to motivate all visitors to provide their email addresses in reciprocity for a cool and relevant product.Free

6. Onlywire.com

The Onlywire.com service allows rapid submission of your WordPress blog pages to multiple bookmarking sites at one time. As each new page of content is created, the page can be quickly and easily bookmarked and shared at the various sites. So, it is crucial to generate good content that will be “share worthy.” Additionally, any page that you want, from any site, can be bookmarked. So, you can book mark links to any web page of interest to you, including ones containing your articles, videos, software, etc. You should not use bookmarking service to solely and exclusively bookmark your pages. And, you should never use bookmarking sites to directly link to an affiliate program sales page. If you do this, you will possibly get reported by someone who visits your bookmark and you may be banned. Bookmarking should be reserved for content pages that offer information with true value to a potential visitor. The “keyword” here is content pages, versus sales pages. If your content pages offer useful or valuable information, then affiliate program prospects are more likely then to voluntarily click through embedded links on this page to be directed to a more tailored landing page.

7. Videos

Statistics show that video is the crucial marketing medium of the day. Quite simply, more and more videos are being watched each day online as more and more people come online. And more people take follow sequential action steps when videos are present than when not. This will be true for videos regarding an affiliate program product. Perhaps this is due to the fact that videos provide can both auditory and visual stimuli. Videos are easily embedded into WordPress blog pages. Also, Short videos can be created quickly and uploaded to multiple video sharing sites, such as YouTube.com. The advantage of this is that when you upload your video, you are able to add description (including a URL back-link to your site) and keyword information that will help prospects in your target niche find your video, and then, find their way back to your site. Additionally, if you look at other popular videos, regarding affiliate programs, on a particular video sharing site, you can determine the best category and keywords by looking at what those successful publishers have already done. Another desirable side effect of this is that your video will be shown as a related video to anyone watching the other publishers’ videos (as title, category, and keywords will be very similar). The more entertaining that your videos are, the better, as more people will link to them and watch. More viewers will, also, occur if viewers share your video links with others (making them viral). More viewers mean more prospects making their way back to your site.

8. Software

Software creation is another good source of free affiliate program traffic. Do not let this techniques scare you as it is not as difficult as you might think. A piece of software can simply be an HTML (web) page that is converted into an an executable file. This HTML page can contain anything that a normal web page could contain. Once it is made into an executable file, it can be uploaded to a software sharing site, much like a video, and generate back-links and traffic, also, in much the same way. However, keep in mind, more unique and useful the software will generate a greater response and be more viral (more likely to be automatically passed along to others). For example, an executable file can be made of an HTML page that contains a calculator to determine daily caloric intake necessary to lose a specified weight. Or, an executable file can be made from a PDF eBook on any topic. Inside the software itself, there should be links back to your web pages that you will use to direct prospects towards your affiliate program products, so if it is virally passed along, new viewers can be directed to your site or desired web pages.

9. Social Sites

Social sites, such as Facebook (and Facebook Fan Pages), Twitter, Squidoo, and MySpace, can be utilized to reach a large audience.Then, more work has to be done to develop an affiliate program targeted audience within the larger general audience. The important thing to remember with social sites is that you should not be attempting to sell directly to your potential audience. If you start making every post or message about selling an affiliate program product, you will find yourself with no “friends” (audience). The ideal strategy should be to simply be yourself and build relationships with your audience. All relationships are based upon contribution. The quality of your relationships will be based upon the quality of your contributions. Look at your personal relationships, now, and you will observe this fact to be true. So, seek to be interesting and contributory to draw positive attention to your social web pages. Then, on your social web pages, you may have passive links, content, and videos posted which allude to the affiliate programs. Once a solid following of friends is established, an occasional direct approach will not be seen as negative. A simple rule to remember for social sites (or any direct contact, such as email) is the 80/20 rule. This means that no less than 80% of the time should be devoted to plain contribution without any selling activities. And, no more than 20% of the time should be devoted to direct selling activities. If you remember this rule, you will be able to objectively keep yourself in check to prevent a high unsubscribe/unfollow rate. The absolute worse impression that you can give on a social site is that you are there to simply solicit affiliate product sales. There is a saying: People naturally like to buy, but hate to be sold. So if you do use social sites for networking and to build traffic, the best strategy is to create an atmosphere that facilitates an interest on the part of your audience which requires them to initiate a sales process.

10. Articles

Affiliate marketing articles are an excellent free source of traffic if done correctly. There are many sites online that allow you to submit content to be hosted on their sites for others to see. Articles submitted to each site should be somewhat unique. This means that it is not advisable to submit the exact same article to multiple sites. For SEO (search engine optimization) purposes, it is strategic to put controlled content on other sites in order to provide back-links pointing towards your site. An ideal article should be around 500-1200 words with proper keyword density (keywords intelligently embedded in 5-10% of your article). The primary keyword should be in the title. And, you will want primary keyword Anchor text, in the allowed author bio section, to point back to a URL (web page) of your choice. Anchor text is usually seen as the blue underlined “clickable” text on a web page. When you write your author bio section, you should word this to include your primary keywords and make them “clickable” to send visitors to whatever URL that you choose according to your strategy.


As stated above in the niche section, success in any marketing effort is dependent on momentum. In physics, momentum equals the amount of force multiplied by the velocity. Therefore, you must be prepared to be diligent and not to give up. Momentum usually develops slowly, like pushing a car. For example, if you begin to push a car and experience initial difficulty and slow progress, it will not serve you well to continuously abandon any momentum that you have already managed to generate by jumping from car to car to begin from nothing, over and over again. If you are faithfully executing a sound marketing strategy, momentum is building before you will ever be able to perceive consistent success. The majority of affiliate marketers unknowingly quit in the 11th hour, right before the inevitable successful demonstration. They try something for a brief period of time (to their credit, they do so with gusto and enthusiasm), and when they don’t see staggering results immediately, they discard it and move on to something else. This is especially puzzling with affiliate marketing as the product and primary promotion materials have already been provided. All that is simply required is the intelligent and persistent efforts to generate free or paid traffic. The easiest way to gain traffic momentum is to devote time from your weekly schedule to finding and repeating what works.