I’ve been around this little world of ours for a few years now. And while I don’t claim to be the best on internet marketing, I’ve been full time for a couple of years, so I feel qualified to teach other people how to do it. And in the few years I’ve been involved with this stuff, I’ve seen loads of people come and go. For every person that “makes it”, there’s another 100+ who never get anywhere. They might start off enthusiastic, but after 6 months and no real results, they give up, never to be seen again.internet

So newbies pay attention. Here are what I consider to be the 8 reasons why I’m making good money online and you aren’t. If you’ve been struggling to get off the ground, hopefully you’ll learn something here.

1. Get your head right

I’m a big believer in getting your head right. I’m not a fan of the airy fairy “manifestation” stuff everyone seems to be spouting though. While everything that you create is a result of your thoughts, it’s not that easy. Sitting on your bed visualising your Ferrari won’t magically make one appear. But it might get you thinking about things you can do to get that Ferrari. And sure, your first 9/10 attempts will probably fail, but eventually you’ll get one right and you’ll be closer to your Ferrari or whatever you’re after.

Basically, without getting your head right, you’re in trouble. However, I don’t know of any magical pill that can get it right for you. It’s something that happens over time. For example, I didn’t actually believe this stuff was real. It wasn’t until I got my first Empowerism cheque of $161 that my brain suddenly went “Holy ****, this stuff is real. Get your act together so we can make more money”. And that’s what I did.

I could write an entire book on this stuff (and probably will one day) but basically, focus on the action stuff and your mind will gradually change. Action is way more effective than meditation for this stuff.

If you need a kickstart though, something to overcome that initial inertia, just focus on your goal, whatever that may be. Keep that in mind and you’ll slowly work your way towards it. Don’t think that you’ll magically wake up with your goal though, it doesn’t work like that. But thinking about your goal will cause you to feel desire, which should get you off your backside and doing stuff. This isn’t new; Napoleon Hill was talking about it a long time ago…

2. Get a real mentor and avoid the parrots

It took me a while to get things off the ground. I floundered around at the start, not really knowing what to do. Meanwhile I was trying a million things at once and I wasn’t really doing that well at any of them. It wasn’t until I got a mentor that things really started looking up. As well as giving me a more solid direction to head in, the biggest thing he gave me was hope. I felt that with him on my side, I’d achieve my goals a lot quicker. And I did.

The first time I made more money online than I did at my job (factory worker, not fun) was a few weeks after I started following my mentors advice. It felt pretty awesome walking into work that day knowing I’d already made more in my sleep than I would, standing at a conveyor belt for 12 hours. But how do you find a mentor? Well, it is a bit hit and miss, I think I was pretty lucky to get my mentor. But there are a few things you can do to improve the odds. Firstly, you need to figure out who your mentor should be.

And you should only be looking for someone who has successfully done what you are trying to do. There are way too many people following “mentors” that really have no idea what they’re talking about (but more on parrots later). If you want to make $5,000 a month selling info products, find someone who’s done that. If you want to make $10,000 a month selling supplements, find someone who’s done that. And so on.marketing

Once you’ve figured that out, go and find a whole bunch of people who would qualify as your mentor. Then, be prepared to pay them some money. Sure, successful people love to take on mentees, but the people you want are usually too busy to deal with time wasters. And until they know otherwise, you are a timewaster. I get emails all the time from people who want to be my apprentice. And while I do work with a few people, I only accept people who can pay me a ton of cash up front.

And it’s not because I’m greedy. It’s because I don’t want to deal with time wasters and neither does anyone who’s doing well online. I’ve tried coaching people for free before and only one person has ever done really well. Sure, you’ll find some people who will take you on for free, but they’re rare and you have to prove to them that you’re not a time waster. This can be hard when you are starting out.

And I should mention, when I say find a mentor, I’m talking about someone who will work with you one on one. I’m not talking about someone who’ll send you a “coaching” video every week. While information is great, that’s not a mentorship.

Also, avoid the parrots. Who are the parrots? They’re people who’ve read an eBook or watched some videos and now think they’re ready to start teaching other people how to make money online. While I have nothing against these people (hey, we’ve all gotta make an income somehow), they’re not the people I’d want mentoring me. I only want to deal with people who’ve done what I want to do. So find yourself a mentor and avoid the parrots.

3. Start developing your skills

Unless you were born with internet marketing skills, you’ve got a lot of stuff to learn. Marketing, sales, business, management and so on, and you’ll never stop learning this stuff. So start now. Get your head around PPC, figure out how SEO works. And I’m not talking about the latest and greatest “PPC System”. I’m talking about how PPC works. If you can figure out how to use PPC, you can figure out how to use it for your specific business.

While money making systems are great when you’re a newbie, you’ll eventually have to create a solid asset but more on this in a few points time. Buy books, buy courses, keep browsing forums. It doesn’t really matter how you go about it, but you’ve gotta keep learning stuff.

4. Learn from your mistakes

If you’re going to do this, you’re going to screw up. Lots of times I’ve screwed up so many times, but after each screw up, I learn another lesson and just move on. I don’t get all upset (well sometimes I do, but I quickly get over it) and quit. And I still make mistakes. And I always will. And so will you. Don’t get too stressed as each mistake is one step closer to your goal. Just keep that goal in mind and you’ll be on your way.

Sometimes it will feel like you’re going in circles (and if you’re not taking notice of the feedback, this could happen) but if you can ask yourself what went wrong and what you could’ve done to improve things, you’ll get closer. This stuff takes work anyone who says otherwise is probably selling their “Million Dollars overnight” package. Ok, enough about this point, I think it’s pretty common sense.tips

5. Just do stuff

Far too many people get “paralysis by analysis”. And it’s easy to get caught in this trap. When you’re new and you lack the confidence about what to do, fear can take over and you worry about screwing up. Get over it and just do something. The best student I’ve had is a guy who just does stuff. I’d teach him something, then the next day he’d put it into action. Sure, he screwed up. But I corrected him and he went on to the next step.

Most people spend way too long on little things like their hosting company. They research, they go into forums and ask questions and a month later they haven’t even got their hosting sorted. You need to get a lot of things done in this game and if it takes you a month to make a small decision, you’re gonna be in trouble. I’m not saying to act without any thought whatsoever, but you need to be decisive. Remember, you’re going to screw up, so don’t stress about making mistakes. Just get out there and do stuff and you’ll get to where you want to go a lot quicker. The quicker you can get feedback the better.

6. Work towards building a business

One huge problem I see is that people are far too concerned with developing a “money maker”, rather than a real business. And while this is fine when you’re starting, you have to be thinking that you’ll eventually need to build something solid. When I was getting started, I knew nothing about business. So someone telling me to go and build a salable business would’ve been useless. I needed to start with some money makers and chances are most of the newbies here do too.

But if you never graduate to building something solid, your success will be limited. You can make money with money makers in the short term, but sooner or later they fall apart. So if you don’t know anything about business, that’s fine, but at least start thinking about it.

7. Stop caring what others think of you

This is also huge. If you care about the opinions of others too much, you’ll be paralysed by fear whenever you go to do something. Your brain will entertain thoughts of people making fun of you and so on. But if you want to do well, you’ve gotta try and get over this. I’ll admit, it’s not easy and we all care about others opinions of us to a certain degree, just work at making it less and less important to you.

I’m sure most people will have positive things to say about this post, but I’m also sure some people will have something negative to say. But if I got worried about that stuff, I’d never do anything in my business and I’d still be working at that damn factory.

So next time you do something and that fear of embarrassment creeps in, just move on regardless. If you can make a habit of this, you’ll be much better off in the long run. You’ll also be able to lead a life where you’re not constantly trying to keep up with the Joneses. Go and read Fountainhead by Ayn Rand if you want a good read about this stuff.

8. Deliver Value

Last, but not least is deliver value. If you want to make money, you’ve gotta understand what money is. It’s just a medium of exchange. People exchange money (one form of value) for a good (another form of value) because they value the good more than the money.

So focus on delivering stuff that people value, I’ve seen a lot of people come out and confuse this with helping people. But I don’t really like thinking of it like this because what you think is helping someone might be different to what they think is help.

If you see a drug addict, you might want to help them by getting off drugs. I’m sure most of us would agree this is a good thing. But that probably has less value to them than the drugs they’re buying, since they’re spending their money on drugs. So if you wanted to tap into the cash of drug addicts, you’d be better off selling them drugs than rehab (from a purely financial point of view, I’m not talking about ethics here).

So it’s not about what you think is valuable, it’s about what your prospects think is valuable. Figure out what people want (or what they WOULD want) and give it to them. Simple, but it works. I hope you find this internet marketing tips helpful.