A practical “how-to” list for email marketing success, from small to large businesses. Email marketing is easy (–ponder–) if you know how to do it. Wow, you have heard that one before, I’m sure. Is that not always the case – with almost anything? So, why even say it?

Because – in this case, it is true.

However, so many small businesses make it more complex than it is; they don’t fully understand or grasp the impact of list building, what tools, services, and techniques are available, and don’t recognize what a successful campaign and its results can and will mean for their businesses My Update System. We believe that a) simplicity of application, b) knowledge – and c) immediate action are the first steps to success. And everything is done ethically – you have permission-based marketing. Full speed ahead!

Email Marketing

1. Get the legalities out of the way.

Did you know that recent changes in the search engine algorithms now recognize a privacy policy page as an important metric in the total number of items that helps your ranking and visibility? Google has over 100 variables that make up the secret sauce of their algorithmic search engines. Only two engineers at Google know it. (Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, chose not to learn it himself).

So, it would be best to write and always provide a link to your privacy page. Starter text can be obtained from the links below – always review with your legal counsel for a final review. You will then include a link to it from your outgoing email campaigns.

Here are some places to start:

2. Your site must capture users via first name (last name) & email address.

Burn this into your head – make it your site requirement – day one. Too many online businesses forget this simple rule, and it’s a must. If you read this article, you probably already realize the importance of mailing lists. Your audience is looking for good (relevant!) materials to solve their life and busines problems. Capture these visitors, and continue to provide this and free information; you can grow your business by 1000% or more almost overnight, sometimes in any future mailing. It’s super-important to have – and build a quality mailing list.

On your ‘landing page’ (sometimes called a sales page, gateway page, squeeze page, or splash page), you should try to include this capture form on the “top of the fold” of your web page. (Think of this as a single sheet of paper folded in half. The visitors will read the top portion first, from left to right – almost in an F-shaped order).

Therefore, make sure you:

Place this input form in a strategic location “above the fold.”

Make this coding your priority for implementation – don’t make it the last – or never (which many companies do)

3. Example Signup forms.

Search the internet, for example, sign-up forms. A great technique is looking for companies with this in their URL. Try this in Google (type into the search box): all inure: “free newsletter” (it will search any site that has this contained in the TITLE of the page).

Some examples of successful forms:



http://www.redhotcopy.com/workshop.htm – using interesting “slanted” popunder and image (a black/white banana)

You should always apply “upselling” techniques: links to other complimentary tools, software, articles & e-books.

In other words, give something away for free.

This is the Stephen Covey “emotional bank account” working at its best. Web surfers are getting smarter, and not just links to privacy policies and terms of use are recognized, but easy-to-read pages that are brief and to the point score high. (Ed note: An example can be seen on the right side at http://www.microsaw.com/myform.htm – the “free 5-day SEO email course”).

4. Popups, popunders, popup blockers & search engines.

Traditional popups (yes, the annoying ones) are banned from search engines like Google. Therefore, smart marketers have come up with other means. They are called “popunders.”
They use specialized JavaScript to display a popup box, but it’s not tracked or recognized by popup-blockers or search engines (Ed. Note: this could change, as the search engines always change their smarts). As of writing, you should

use a popup box and capture first name, last name & email. Please don’t make it intrusive, though (it needs to follow your style sheet guidelines, in other words). Another way to go is to use what’s called ‘house banners — ads that display compelling graphics and text – and use your local advertising system (example: double-click).

Here’s what to do to capture interested visitors:

Apply a page that “slides” onto your page, and have it appear after 5 seconds.

Display this email from capture on all pages.

Only show it once and repeat it 2-3 days later (assuming they return). Many of the email marketing systems include this feature for you. Annoying, but it works. I went from 5% daily signups to a 75% increase overnight – only a few weeks back. Tip: Note that the popup is from your site- not a partner site. (sometimes popups are thought to be from sponsors; note to your visitor that it’s from you).

5. Do you have a newsletter you are trying to promote? Up-sell is the answer!

If you are promoting a newsletter, outside of just getting visitors to sign up, some 3rd parties vendors can help you publish and sell your newsletter. You must provide useful, relevant, and unique content throughout all campaigns.

Some options for you:

Coregcomplete.com – get signups on thank you pages of other subscription forms. This is a great way to promote your wares


Partner with companies you find and call them up. Search for ‘newsletter publishers’ in Google. When you write articles (yes, you should) – make sure to note in the “About Author” that you publish or have newsletters available. TIP/Warning: Beware of commercial co-regs — they typically have poor-quality names and offers.


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