Finding quality services for a reasonable cost has been the dilemma of businesses worldwide for centuries – and outsourcing has been the answer for centuries. These days, outsourcing to the Philippines looks slightly different, with many large companies relying on their skilled workforce for data entry, customer service, IT help, and other services. There’s no question that contact centers in the Philippines are seeing massive growth, providing quality services to foreign businesses. Thanks to BPO companies in the Philippines, companies can reach a broader consumer base without worrying about paying for recruiting, hiring, and high turnover rates. 


BPO in the Philippines is a substantial part of the country’s economic growth – accounting for 7% of the Philippines’ annual GDP. BPO companies in the Philippines have invested massively in training, continuing education, better equipment, and updated facilities to aid the country’s rapidly growing outsourcing sector. Call centers in the Philippines are well-equipped to handle the needs of large companies worldwide and have already scaled up operations for this purpose.

PhilippinesBut it’s not just the facilities and funding that contribute to the country’s position as a global leader in the industry – the Philippines is well known for having strong cultural connections to the United States, with many of its citizens fluent in conversational and professional English. Businesses do not need to worry about customer communication with contact centers in the Philippines. On the contrary, many BPOs in the Philippines offer training to their employees on the unique cultural nuances of communicating with English-speaking customers worldwide. 

However, some industry watchers wonder whether a new addition might disrupt BPO services in the Philippines – artificial intelligence. With innovative technologies that can answer calls and solve customer issues in real time, perform simple data entry and mining tasks, and solve equations to aid in payroll management, AI is a mainstay of the modern business processes industry. While some believe that BPO in the Philippines is at odds with artificial intelligence, leaders of outsourcing companies have thought ahead.


Many companies are integrating these technologies into the workflow and investing in AI training for their employees to solve problems for their clients efficiently. By outsourcing to the Philippines, companies abroad can save on buying, setting up, and training employees on this new AI software while reaping the technology’s benefits. 


For efficient, quality services at a fraction of the cost, fluent English speakers to communicate effectively with customers, and a skilled workforce using AI to solve problems, many companies are turning to BPO services in the Philippines. With the ability to save money on these baseline services, the modern company can focus on engaging with customers, increasing market reach, and fulfilling its’ brand mission.