Communication should be the main focus of Web Job Postings in every organization. Without properly established lines of communication, important information can easily get lost in translation. How does your organization communicate with employees daily? For most companies in this day and age, the most common form of intra-organization communication is email.

Moreover, with the ever-increasing popularity of smartphones that enable users to check email remotely 24 hours a day, face-to-face communication is, sadly, becoming a thing of the past. While every nonprofit has a bottom line to consider, management staff should never lose sight of the importance of using technology to more efficiently facilitate the flow of information between members of the organization.

Tech Tools

Despite the many free or low-cost tools today, resources to increase intra-organizational communication are often overlooked. A quick Internet search returns hundreds of results for these types of devices. However, weeding out the good from the bad can be lengthy and somewhat frustrating. To get your search started in the right direction, a few free or inexpensive tools offered below can help promote effective communication in the workplace.

Communication Within Your Organization: Email, Chat, Shared Docs, and More

Google for Nonprofits – Email and Beyond: If your nonprofit is looking for a way to improve internal operations, engage supporters, and promote your cause – then Google for Nonprofits is right for you. This program offers functionality, flexibility, and many valuable tools that help increase communication and collaboration between members of the workplace. What’s included? A free or discounted version of Google Apps for your organization – Nonprofits with fewer than 3,000 users are eligible for the free version of Google Apps. Organizations with over 3,000 users receive a 40% discount on Google Apps for Business. Gain access to the following with Google Apps:

Gmail – A leading email service offering 7 GB of storage per email account. It is easy to use and even provides the ability to have email accounts on your organization’s domain Owner Business. Google Calendar – Increase productivity and streamline workflow by assigning and tracking group and individual tasks through Google Calendar. Use Google Calendar to create company-wide shareable calendars to coordinate meetings, set calendar reminders for pending “to-do” tasks, and communicate more effectively with team members.

Google Docs – Google Docs is the cloud-based word processor and file-sharing application that enables users to create, share, and store files in “the cloud.” It’s an easy and efficient way to collaborate with team members. Google Docs allows you to set up folders and even control privacy settings so that only those with whom you want to “share” the file can access it.

The best part is there is no software to install, no additional hardware necessary, and no files to back up. Access your files from anywhere – at home, in the office, or on your smartphone – 24 hours a day. Google Chat – Need to have a quick conversation with a team member? Google Chat is perfect for doing just that. With text chat, you can send instant messages to co-workers and even send and receive files. For times when a face-to-face conversation is necessary, Google Chat has a handy video chat feature.