All webmasters and Stump Blog bloggers are always on a constant quest to improve the browsing experience for their readers and visitors. One of the best ways to do this is to integrate the latest Google gadgets to the site. This article will show webmasters where to get the latest gadgets and how to implement them into

Types of Google gadgets

The latest Google gadgets can be divided into two major divisions; productivity and entertainment.

1. Productivity Gadgets

Productivity gadgets are those that are used to improve understanding of the content on a web page. Some of the latest gadgets include:

Calendar viewer – This gadget allows users to see the planned future events. For instance, a technology blog can show users when the next meet up is etc.

Currency converter – This is one of the latest gadgets with the most usefulness. Users are able to easily convert different currencies using this gadget. They will not need to search for the exchange rates because the gadget regularly updates itself to provide the most accurate results.

Stock charts – This is one of the latest Google gadgets that stock market investors find most useful. It allows users to see all the daily changes in any security’s stock price without having to visit financial sites.
There is a wide variety of the latest Google gadgets that increase productivity in all areas of life.

2. Entertainment Gadgets

Entertainment gadgets are those that give a website’s users a way to pass time on your site. They make a user enjoy the time spent on the site. The end result of this is usually lower bounce rates and more conversions. Some of the latest gadgets available include:

Games like bejeweled, super Mario Bros, super fight etc. A simple fun game on a few pages on your site can do a lot in increasing time spent on the site. These latest Google gadgets work best with entertainment sites and personal blogs.

Wallpaper gadgets that allow webmasters to add slideshows to the home pages. These increase a website’s aesthetic appeal. These are some of the latest gadgets that most webmasters should add to their sites.

How to add the latest Google gadgets to a web page

All a person needs to do is select any one of the latest gadgets that he is interested in. After clicking on it, he is taken to a page where he sets it up as the wants it to appear on the page. The parameters that are adjusted include:

Title – one can add a catchy title to the gadget to lure visitors to use it
Width in pixels
Height in pixels
Border design

These gadgets can have varying parameters depending on the type of gadget.

After setting the parameters up, the webmaster then clicks the “get the code” option. This allows the webmaster to get the code for the latest gadgets. He then pastes the simple code on any part of his website. The gadget starts working immediately.

Finally, a person can contribute to the latest Google gadgets available by designing one himself. It is fairly easy for someone with programming and web design skills.

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Google Pixel, The latest gadget of 2016 by Google

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL also both have great premium metal bodies, along with glass on the rear, though only the top third of their backs is glass, while the rest remains metal. The camera setup is much more subtle than the G6, but they both have a rear-mounted circular fingerprint sensor.gadgets

Both models feature USB Type-C and neither has any physical buttons on the front, though the bezels surrounding the display are slightly wider than the G6. The Pixel measures 143.8 x 69.5 x 8.6mm and weighs 143g, while the Pixel XL measures 154.7 x 75.6 x 8.6mm and measures 168g.

The LG G6 is, therefore, the slimmest of the three devices being compared here, but it sits in the middle of the Pixel and Pixel XL in terms of weight and size. Neither Pixel device is waterproof.latest

G6 has largest, sharpest display

G6 has HDR

G6 has wider aspect ratio

The LG G6 has a 5.7-inch display which features a Quad HD+ resolution at 2880 x 1440, resulting in a pixel density of 564ppi. It has an 18:9 aspect ratio and HDR, with support for both HDR 10 and Dolby

The Pixel has a 5-inch display, while the Pixel XL has a 5.5-inch display, meaning the G6 is bigger than both models, despite having a smaller body than the Pixel XL. The Pixels have an AMOLED display, however, while the G6 opts for LCD, meaning colors could be punchier on the Pixels.