We are not human; however, electricity and light. We all vibrate at different levels. We selected to come to earth to develop, examine, improve our vibration, and evolve. Jesus is your brother. He shakes to a better degree. Raising our vibration is our purpose. You are your author. You create your international; collectively, we make the world, too. Everyone has usually regarded themselves out of doors for help, fitness, international trade,r money, relationships,s etc. Now, I do not understand that you are answerable for your lifestyles. It’s time to interrupt losing from looking outdoors for your desires and blaming others for your issues.

ConsciousnessMy most important awareness is to tell you that collectively, we create everything else. Our collective mind creates our climate, racial issues, violence, poverty, and something you sense wish to change. REMEMBER THIS IMPORTANT FACT: WHATEVER YOU BELIEVE YOU CREATE. You see, the powers that be knew this reality and have used it to their benefit; most of you do not recognize that your thoughts create your final results. Whatever you consider is designed to prove to you that you are accurate. Our thoughts have been manipulated for more than 26,000 years!

We are presently ascending. Planet Earth is experiencing a new generation of love, peace, and Concord. If you are full of hysteria, stress, fitness problems, and fear, then you follow their programming. You live in the matrix, trapped into a low electricity vibration that makes youlose your memory of who you ire. Now is the time to evoke the reality of existence so that collectively, we can change our world’s final results. I wrote many articles and poems about turning off the information as they

truly have the simplest cause in thoughts, that is, to preserve you in worry. This manipulates the news, media, TV suggestions, and films. Nothing that happens is actual, and this is all an illusion. This illusion confuses you, making you sick, irritated, complete with hysteria, and vain of your innate powers.

God has given us the strength to create something our hearts prefer, and these electricity-hungry human beings recognize this. Without you realizing their plan, they make what they want to perform by using you to get on their facet. You were their puppets. Let’s look at the modern racial wars that are now taking place. They planted the seed that will perform. How may you ask? First, I would love to paint an image that allows you to apprehend my factor better. Our toxic meals and water supply lead you to medical doctors and tablets. Drugs are designed to make you unwell, not heal you.

Twiggy was created, which elevated the makeup and food plan industry to the side of clothes pla,stic surgery, and hair merchandise, to name a few. We don’t want airplanes or motors for travel as we have the energy to travel everywhere inside the globe just via thought. Electricity, power, or cable payments aren’t needed as this has also been created to extract money from us. Illnesses have been designed to keep us separate.

Borders have been created to grow their pockets and preserve us separately. Our jail system, walls, and schooling are also ONLY about money. Hollywood is a prime aspect at the side of a wide variety of media. Youu trust you must recognize what goes on inside the world when, in truth, maximum, the whole thing you watched is occurring is staged to hold you in fear and consequently control you. Fear primarily based stories are written

about insufficient food, insufficient water supply, terrorists, over the populace, murders, rapes, toddler abductions, and how our education system is dropping cash. The powers that be realize they’re losing floor, so they maintain flooding our information and internet with greater fear-primarily based testimonies.