Knowing when a mugshot is released is the first piece of the puzzle. It’s something that many people wonder about right after being released from prison for a crime they weren’t guilty of. The scary thing is that these mugshots can cast a long shadow. Long after you’re booked and the charges are expunged, your mugshot could still be floating around the internet.

police station. Remember, this is before the trial and has nothing to do with being guilty of a crime. The mugshots are taken, and your fingerprints are recorded. The whole process is called “booking.” Booking can take a few hours, and mugshots are usually the first things recorded or taken.


When Are Mugshots Released?

Once the mugshot is taken, it can be posted online within a few minutes. The mugshot is usually assigned to the local PD’s database and made public in a small form. Massive online mugshot websites use bots to scrape the internet and find whenever a new mugshot is posted. They automatically grab the photos and all the person’s released info, then put it on their site. Over a few more days or weeks, your mugshot will gain more traction on these different sites. After enough time, Google will show people your mugshot when they look up your name and state. When the charges are dismissed or expunged, these photos stay around, and this becomes a big issue when you have unwanted mugshots floating around the internet.

mugshot removal services from a company like RemoveMugshots. If you try to remove mugshotsalonen, you’ll often be met by silence and unwillingness. If you’re lucky enough to find a contact page for the website that posted your mugshot, you can try to make your case. The website owner will often ignore your plea and keep your image and information posted on their site.

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