As the old age wisdom goes — “Invest In Land.” The saying is that if you have land – you can work on it and grow your own food; that will pretty much take care of everything. Not only that, but nowadays the saying has got more dimensions to it – appreciation in value. Yes, land or real estate is the only thing that will never go anywhere; it will appreciate and grow food for you Living Tired. So, it is common sense to be invested in real estate at a prime location. But the new age wisdom adds a more classic interpretation to the old


saying —– “Invest in your website.” The internet touches everyone we see or come across in some way or the other, and it will only increase day by day. We have to invest in our website to become or prime real estate on the internet, which gets us more inquiries, more business, and, finally, more revenue. But how to design a website which will become very famous on the internet? Following are the steps which will help you in making your website famous.

1. Selection of a Domain Name

Select your domain very carefully & precisely. It should contain the keywords that your website is targeting. To put it more simply, the domain name should contain the name of the products/services that you are offering. For example, “Tangent Inc” manufacturing home furniture should have the domain name instead of just.


2. Selection of Web Host

This is one of the most important steps that you take towards your website being famous. Tell me, if your child’s not well —- will you take him to the best doctor or some fishy roadside dispensary? Of course, you will take him to the best doc. The same goes here, where do you want to put all the content of your website, your emails, your data? Will you trust it with some cheap, fly-by-the-night web hoster who is in to make some quick cash — or with someone who is reputed, has good servers, gives you 99.9% uptime, and provides good support?

3. Designing your website

Out of 100 – 98 companies entrust their website designing just to their web designers —- who in turn refer a few other websites like yours and make a mixture of it and offer to you. The content —– is also a mixture of a few other websites. And well, that seems the thing to do — as it gets done faster and does not require you to do anything. Sorry Sir, that’s not going to make your website famous. If you really want to make your website famous, be involved. Be involved in the designing process, from the color selection to the links layout, from content development to image selection, decide what information you want to show to your customers —– not just what your competitor is showing.


4. Let people know that you have a website

When your website is ready — let people know about it. Inform all your business associates, inform all the industry organizations, inform all chambers of commerce, print your website on your letterheads & cards. Submit your websites to search engines. Most important, start using your own personalized email ids like instead of using some free email ids at Gmail, Hotmail, or yahoo. Include your email address in your signature and append your signature to each outgoing message. If people know about your website — then there is a chance that they might visit your website.

5. Last but not least —- Regularly Update your website

Perhaps, this is the most important factor which makes your website famous. Keep on updating your website regularly, if possible — do it daily! Furnish the latest information about your products/services, the new technologies that your company is working on, the recent developments, career opportunities, information on the last staff trip that your company arranged. If you do not have anything to update, keep your website updated with the latest industry news, do not worry if it contains the name of your competitors —– instead doing this will ensure that your website contains all the latest & updated information about the industry and people will prefer your website for that.