Window tinting is the hottest trend, and it makes your regular vehicle look ultra-chic and cool without having to shed hundreds of dollars. Window tint films offer many other benefits than just an aesthetic enhancement. It blocks solar heat that builds up in the car and provides a good amount of comfort for the person driving the vehicle and the passengers. Additionally, it gives a sense of privacy and means of protection against harmful UV rays. It safeguards the car interiors and preserves the upholstery from fading over time. It also acts as armor for windshields and windows and doesn’t let them break in case any outer object hits them.

Window TintHowever, tinting tends to obstruct the inner view of the car and is, hence, restricted and controlled by the authorities. So, start with detailed research on the permissible limits of tinting as laid down by your state laws, then take the next step. Tinting your car can be easily done by yourself, provided you have the right knowledge. You need to get your hands on quality tint films and learn to apply them to the windows. Keep reading if you want to know how you can use window tints to add value to your car without spending a lot.

Things You Need:

  • Window Tint Film Application Solution
  • Lint-free Cleaning Cloth
  • Razor Knife
  • Scraper Blade
  • Application Squeegee
  • Heat gun
  • Dust-free and Cool Work Place


The process of window tint application begins with cleaning the car windows perfectly. And for that, you can use a mild soap or detergent and a water solution. The ratio should be 1:9, i.e., 1 part should be a soap solution, and nine parts should contain water. Ensure the soap or detergent solution is chemical-free; otherwise, it will lead to abrasion on the windows. Use this solution thoroughly on the windows at both sides and with the help of a scraper blade, gently work your way towards either side to get rid of dust or debris. This will help in a clean installation during the next steps.

Cutting the Window Film

Many brands in the market offer pre-cut window films that are a great buy for people attempting tint installation for the first time. These kits are specific to a car’s make, model, and year of manufacture and save the 80% hassle involved. However, if you want to cut it according to your requirements, you should use a piece of cardboard as your template instead of the window itself. This will help you in getting a seamless shape of the window film, just like professionals.

Applying the Window Film

Once you are done visualizing where exactly each piece of pre-cut or self-cut tint will go onto your car, you should start with its application process.

#1 Spray a generous amount of application solution onto your window.

#2 Get the appropriate tint pattern and peel off the protective layer of the tint film. Spray the application solution on the exposed adhesive as well.

#3 With the help of a friend, place the sticky side of the film over the window, moving from the bottom edge to upwards. Apply sufficient pressure to avoid bubbles, but don’t press too hard; otherwise, it will cause crinkles. To provide enough lubrication for the upcoming steps, spray a chemical-free detergent solution diluted in water.

#4 If satisfied, move ahead using a squeegee to settle the film firmly on the window glass and even out any strokes on the film. Avoid changing the direction of the squeegee, as the tint film hasn’t bonded well yet.

#5 You can apply more pressure once you see the application solution and the bubbles getting removed. Pay attention to the edges and gaps if left.

#6 Once you are done, you can repeat it for other windows.

[Note: Leave the freshly tinted windows untouched for 48 hours to let the adhesive cure entirely. Do not wash or roll down your windows until the film fully dries.]