The area’s triumphing wind for the summertime months is the infamous Meltemi blowing from the N-NW. It is first felt in June and becomes stronger through July, August, and September while it may attain force 8. It dies down in October. Gales from the N and the SE are commonplace in spring and autumn. Summertime is warm; average temperatures are 25 degrees Celsius, and temperatures frequently attain 35 degrees Celsius.


Milos is the southwesternmost of the Cyclades. A huge bay, Ormos Milou, was scooped out while an ancient volcano erupted, and warm sulfur springs still exist today. Adamas is the island’s port. Go bow or stern to the E aspect of the ferry pier or bow to the smaller dock to the E. It is likewise viable to anchor off to the SE of the fast dock. The bottom is mudrocks and weeds and terrible preserving in places. There is right shelter from the Meltemi, but winds from the south can produce dangerous conditions.

There is water on the ferry pier, and fuel may be brought. Most provisions can be acquired inside the village, and a few tavernas exist. Climb the hill to the Chora at Milos for breathtaking views across the bay. Numerous other anchorages within the bay might be uncovered to the north. There are no facilities at any of them. Apollonia is in the NE of Milos. Go bow or stern to the pier or anchor of the seaside. Holding is good on a sandy backside.

There are tavernas and a mini marketplace ashore. Ormos Voudhia lies one mile to the south of Apollonia. There is the right shelter from the Meltemi. However, the environment is unattractive, with open solid mines and a pier and ore service all in view. Kimilos lies to the NE of Milos. There are anchorages in Ormos Sikia in the SW of the island. They are exposed to the N – NW and unsuitable when the Meltemi blows. Pirgonisi is a long sandy seaside on the south coast, and yachts can anchor nearly everywhere alongside it in appealing surroundings. Good preserving on sand and weed.

Psathi lies further alongside the coast to the east. Go bows to the marina or anchor off. There is little shelter from the Meltemi, and yachts are cautioned to use this anchorage handiest in calm weather. There are multiple tavernas ashore, and limited provisions can be received within the village. To the north is Seminar Creek, and yachts can anchor inside the bay. Like Psathi, there is a little haven from the Meltemi, and Psathi has to be used best in calm weather.

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