The areas triumphing wind for the duration of the summertime months is the infamous Meltemi blowing from the N-NW. It is first felt in June and becomes stronger thru July, August, and September while it may attain force 8. It dies down in October. In the spring and autumn gales are commonplace from the N and the SE. The summertime months are warm, average temperatures are 25 deg C and temperatures frequently attain 35 deg C.

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Milos is the southwesternmost of the Cyclades. A huge bay, Ormos Milou, become scooped out while an ancient volcano erupted and warm sulfur springs still exist today. Adhamas is the island’s port Go bow or stern to the E aspect of the ferry pier or bow to the smaller pier to the E. It is likewise viable to anchor off to the SE of the fast pier. The bottom is mud rocks and weed and terrible preserving in places. There is right shelter from the Meltemi but winds from the south can produce dangerous conditions. There is water on the ferry pier and fuel may be brought. Most provisions can be acquired inside the village and there are a few tavernas. Climb the hill to the Chora at Milos for breathtaking views across the bay. There are numerous other anchorages within the bay which might be uncovered to the north. There are no facilities at any of them. Apollonia is in the NE of Milos. Go bow or stern to the pier or anchor of the seaside. Holding is good on a sandy backside. There are tavernas and a mini marketplace ashore. Ormos Voudhia lies one mile to the south of Apollonia. There is right shelter from the Meltemi, however, the environment is unattractive with open solid mines and a wharf and ore service all in view.

Kimilos lies to the NE of Milos. There are anchorages in Ormos Sikia in the SW of the island. They are exposed to the N – NW and unsuitable when the Meltemi is blowing. Pirgonisi is a long sandy seaside on the south coast and yachts can anchor nearly everywhere alongside it in appealing surroundings. Good preserving on sand and weed. Psathi lies further alongside the coast to the east. Go bows to the marina or anchor off. There is little shelter from the Meltemi and yachts are cautioned to use this anchorage handiest in calm weather. There are multiple tavernas ashore and limited provisions can be received within the village. Just to the north is Seminar Creek and yachts can anchor inside the bay. Like Psathi, there is a little safe haven from the Meltemi and Psathi have to be used best in calm weather.

The in the NW of the island of Polygons there is an adorable secluded anchorage simply to the south of the tiny island of Moanolsi. There is a safe haven from the Meltemi and accurate conserving on the sandy bottom. On the south aspect of the island, there are numerous coves that yachts can anchor in while conditions are calm.

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Folegandros is every other barren, rocky island with exception of the small Chora inside the NE that lies among inexperienced timber and shrubs. The island’s ferry port is Karavostasi. Go bow or stern to the mole at the south aspect of the arm extending westward. There is negative keeping in locations of sand and rock. There is reasonable shelter from the Meltemi. There are several tavernas however provisions can be tough to attain and the island is definitely reliant on deliveries by using the ferry. On the W side of Folegandros is the large bay, Ormos Vathi. It can most effectively be utilized in calm climate and there is terrible preserving in places on sand and weed.

Sikinos lies to the E of Folegandros. Ormos Skala is the simplest harbor on the island. Yachts can move alongside the quay or anchor off. There are tavernas ashore and some provisions can be obtained. The putting is attractive and popular with Greek tourists.

Three.5 miles to the east of Sikinos lies Ios. It is claimed Homer is buried here. He died aboard a deliver on passage from Samos to Athens and his frame became thrown overboard and later washed up on Ios. Go bow or stern to inside the harbor of Port Ios. There is incredible keeping in the mud. A mini tanker can supply gas and water is available from a public fountain within the square. There are tavernas everywhere in the harbor and most provisions can be acquired. The motel is popular with the young and most of the bars play loud song inside the evenings/night time. Ormos Milopotamou lies to the S of Port Ios. In the north of the bay, there are 4 coves where yachts can anchor, the easterly two offer the exceptional safe haven. Holding is right on the sand. There are tavernas and accommodations at the seashore. Ormos Manganari is a big bay on the south coast of Ios, it is feasible to anchor throughout the bay with suitable holding on the sand. There are tavernas ashore.

Thira is similar to Milos in as tons as it’s far a volcano and whilst it erupted in 1440 – 1450 BC it created the bay as it’s miles these days. The close-lying islands of Thirasia, Nea Kameni, and Palaia Kameni also are a part of this large volcanic structure. Around the basin, on cliffs 300m high you will see white Cycladic houses with blue painted home windows striking from black volcanic rocks which rise sheer from the sea all institution together to make Thira is one of the maximum famous locations in Greece.

Finikia lies within the N of Thira. Anchor to the W of the mole in 10 -20m with a journey line because the bottom is rocky. Limited refuge from the Meltemi and absolutely open to the S. Skala Thira is the harbor of the island’s capital at the steep slopes above. Go bow or stern to the marina with a line to the huge mooring buoy. Departing is difficult with the confusion of the various lines attached to the buoy and it’s far advocated that yachts aren’t left unattended. There is water on the jetty and several tavernas inside the harbor.
On the coast south of Ak Akrotiri there are a number of anchorages that offer proper shelter from the Meltemi. The backside is right protecting in sand, however, there may be frequently some ground swell that reasons yachts to roll badly. Monolithos is a small harbor at the E coast. Go bows to the breakwater near its extremity with a long line. There are a taverna and showers ashore.

Thirasia is the westernmost island and the simplest anchorage is Ayios Nikolaos. Yachts can anchor off however the small pier is reserved for nearby boats. There are tavernas ashore and some provisions are to be had inside the village atop the cliffs.

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Nea Kameni has some of the small inlets in which a yacht can anchor. A ride line ought to be used as the bottom is strewn with rocks which might be possible to snag an anchor. Nea Kameni is understood for it is problem with massive rats and there are many reports of the getting aboard yachts.