Do you know who Sassy Poonam is? If you don’t, you have arrived at the right place because we will provide all the necessary information.

Sassy Poonam

What is she known for?

Sassy Poonam is well known for her popularity and active presence on social media platforms.

She is a famous star on Instagram with 1.6M followers.

Her videos focus on entertaining people with her hot dance moves, which everyone likes.

She looks fantabulous, hot, and charming and has a piercing on her nose, which enhances her beauty.

How does she grab attention?

Sassy Poonam or Poonam sassy grabs social media attention by making Instagram reels. She is also a social media model.

This article focuses on her biography, like where she was born and brought up, her age, etc.

She was born on 14th March 1999 and brought up in India’s dream city, Mumbai.

Poonam is also known for making short videos on youtube.

How do people get attracted?

Sassy Poonam (Instagram Model) Biography, Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Video &  Income

People get attracted to her videos because of her mind-blowing hot looks, curvy body, and her most charming smile.

She studied in Mumbai and recently graduated from the University of Mumbai.

Before the ban of TikTok, sassy Poonam used to post videos on TikTok as (@sassy_poonam69).

Actually, sassy Poonam TikTok started her career on the TikTok app. It was afterward that Poonam began making videos on Instagram.

Her videos are pretty erotic and sexy, attracting youthful audiences to her profile and also helping to make her videos viral on the internet.

Sassy Poonam is not only famous on her Instagram and TikTok but also the most prominent social media platform, Facebook.

Sassy Poonam’s Facebook currently has 7210 followers. She is famous on her Facebook profile as on her other social media platforms.

After walking for a long time on her path to popularity, she realized that she had come far from her past normal life.

Sassy Poonam launched an app of her own where you can chat with her and do video calls and group calls. The app is a paid service platform.

Each service has different rates with the prices starting from Rs 4000 and up to Rs 15000.

As a social media influencer, she has to maintain a good figure to keep her audience engaged with her content because most people visit her profile due to her insane hotness.

So to maintain her shape, sassy Poonam goes to the gym daily.

Sassy’s height is 1.68m, and in feet, she is about 5’5.

Earlier she had a bulky body, but now she has maintained her figure, and now she weighs about 55 kgs or 121 lbs.

She has a fair skin tone with dark brown eyes and hair. Poonam has a nice figure of 36-28-34 inches.

Family Details?

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Poonam comes from a simple middle-class Hindu family, and her zodiac sign is Pisces.

Do you know how Poonam became famous right away? The reason behind her overnight stardom is her hotness which she portrayed in her short reels and images.

Poonam is also famous for her bold looks and hot pics on Instagram and Facebook.

About her career

Gradually, Poonam gained her interest in modeling. After gaining popularity from modeling, she collaborated with a lot of brands.

Aside from Instagram and Facebook, Poonam is neither on YouTube nor on any YouTube shorts.

Would you like to know some fascinating facts about sassy Poonam?

While she has 1.6M followers, she only follows 17 people.

She is also a pet lover and often makes lip-sync videos and uploads hot images.

Sassy gained widespread popularity in a short time. At present sassy Poonam’s net worth is 65 lakhs.

Her major portion of income comes from social media like Instagram and Facebook.

Sassy Poonam is very active on social media as she keeps posting her reels, short videos, and posts to engage and entertain her young audience.

However, on other social media platforms like Facebook, Poonam isn’t active.

We have also checked for her YouTube channel, but there is nothing we could find. She doesn’t work on YouTube.

Are you interested in knowing more things about sassy Poonam?

Does sassy drink alcohol? No.

Does Poonam smoke? Yes, because she is seen smoking in her reels quite a lot.

Does she know how to swim? No. And besides the gym, she doesn’t go for activities like yoga.

Have you ever wondered if sassy knows how to drive a car as she drives her audience crazy? Well, yes, she knows how to drive a car.

Is she a jogging person? No, she is not a jogger.

Another fantastic thing you must know about her is that she knows how to cook and she knows how to cook a lot of dishes.

Do you Want to know about one of her favorite hobbies, like who is her fav actor in Bollywood? What is sassy’s favorite most famous favorite actor is the Bollywood king, Shahrukh khan. Her favorite place is the Maldives.

Apart from this, Poonam also loves to watch cricket, and she is a Virat Kohli fan.

Do you know who her favorite Bollywood singer is? Her fav Bollywood singer is Arijit Singh.

As she is a Mumbaikar, she is also a food lover.

Now you must be wondering what food sassy loves to eat. Don’t worry, we will tell you about her love of food.

Sassy is a non-vegetarian, and she is a chicken lover. She loves to eat chicken dishes like butter chicken, chili chicken, chicken curry, and roasted chicken.

After knowing all about Sassy Poonam, one last thing is left without which her biography is incomplete.

So the last thing is that sassy Poonam loves to travel to different places and her other hobby, like most girls, is shopping.


And this was all we could gather about sassy Poonam for you. Thank you for reading!