Well, if that had been said to me by my father when I was two years of age, I would have understood. But today, my computer tells me that when I am 34, I wonder why I spent $1500 on my computer hardware and software to enjoy the (unrealized) benefits of this great and revolutionary information technology.

Today’s cyberspace is hazardous. None of today’s PC users can claim that they never had a computer virus issue or a PC security breach. According to analysts, if you count today’s number of PC users worldwide, they will soon be 1 billion by 2010. When I see all the computer viruses, infections, trojans, and whatnot around me and compare it with the 1 billion innocent computer users worldwide, I feel sorry for those billion users and myself.

Computer SecurityBut again, as a common user myself, I must admit it was not all doomsday for the whole industry since 1987 when I started to use computers. So, as a responsible member of this great IT revolution, I must share some of the best tips and tricks that I learned to use to make the minimum room for productivity on my computer.

Please note this is a tutorial for someone who has the basic know-how of computer usage. For newbies, I would recommend asking a local expert’s help before trying anything mentioned in this tutorial. In that case, make room for payment from a deep pocket. For your own convenience, print this tutorial for step-by-step instructions.

Whenever my computer is infected, I act on any of the following options;

1. FORMAT HARD DISK: I backup all of my data on a CD-Writer if it is still accessible. Then, format the whole hard disk drive and re-install every application Web Job Posting.

2. USE SOFTWARE: I exhaust all anti-virus and other software options. This is usually my priority as compared to formatting the whole computer’s hard disk drive.

Now, let me explain both options in detail;

PRE-REQUISITES: Make sure you have a CD-Drive (Writer), empty writable CDs, and Windows OS CD (bootable) that contains files such as Format.exe, Scandisk.exe, FDisk.exe, and Attrib.exe files. Microsoft Office CD, Anti-Virus CD, GoldenHawk CD Writing Software in DOS (copy2cd.exe and cdtools.exe), Serial Numbers of your License, Driver CDs of Motherboard, VGA, Network, Sound and Modem devices. Optionally, download (using http://www.download.com or http://www.tucows.com) this software from any Internet Café when your computer is inaccessible and save it on a CD so that you can use it anytime for security purposes.

Golden Hawk DOS-based CD Writing Software

  • HiTech Fireman Windows-based CD Writing Software
  • Driver Genius Pro
  • Partition Magic
  • AVG AntiVirus
  • SpywareBlaster & SpywareGuard
  • Spybot Search & Destroy
  • Ad-Aware
  • IE-SpyAd
  • ZoneAlarm

HiJackThis & CWShredder

I have intentionally avoided mentioning many commercially good and more friendly software says here as I wanted everything to do FREE without any additional costs apart from the usual OS licenses. For your own convenience, you can research Google or Yahoo search engines find further information about such commercial software and their availability/pricing.