So your expensive phone finally arrived. You get enthusiastic, test the display, run a game, import a contact list, and then you remember you have to buy some groceries—the perfect time for the first trip with your new phone. But then the universe decides it’s time for you to pay for every bad karma you gathered in your life.

The phone suddenly becomes sentient, gets extra slippery, and just jumps out of your hand or pocket and lands onto the pavement. The screen is now broken, and you are in anguish, thinking what you could have done to prevent this situation. If it didn’t happen to you yet, I am sure you know at least one friend who has experienced this horror story.


Everybody drops their phone sooner or later, so what can you do to protect it? Buy a case or a protective screen? But wouldn’t a case make my phone look cheap and like a brick? These questions are natural; you can’t compare the feeling of the phone the way it was designed, in its nude state (metal, glass, or leather) with the somewhat cheap, bulky feeling of a protective phone case. In an attempt to deliver a better phone experience, some companies

offer an interesting warranty offer. For example, the HTC One M9 will get replaced if your phone gets damaged, including accidental drops or screen cracks. But most companies will charge you extra fees (up to 200$) to repair your phone if you accidentally drop it. So to keep your phone safe, but without it looking ugly or cheap, let’s have a look at what case manufacturers have to offer to satisfy both safety and design needs.

iPhone 6 Cases

Since the appearance of the iPhone 6 and 6+, it has been observed that this phone is more prone to taking damage than the other high-end phones (Samsung Galaxy S6 is also on the top list because of its glass and metal build). From the occasional scratches to screen cracks, we definitely need to protect our expensive phones. So we have compiled a top 10 list of the best iPhone 6 cases that, hopefully, won’t empty your pocket.

Apple Leather Case

One of the first options you get when buying a case for your iPhone is from its manufacturer. Apple offers two types of cases for its iPhone 6, silicone and leather, and we will look at the leather case.



Apple took on a more non-invasive, minimalistic design using a soft leather cover that doesn’t take away from the phone’s premium feel.

The case is durable, provides a sturdy grip, and what we enjoy the most is that it adds almost nothing in terms of bulk (5.91×2.76×0.59 inches) or weight(1.76 ounces).

Another good factor is that the case is easy to snap in place and very easy to remove. It wraps around the back and the three sides (all corners are covered).

The Apple Leather Case comes in black, midnight blue, red, soft pink, and olive-brown.


The Apple Leather Case offers protection against daily use, average drops (around 6 feet), or scratches. If better protection is needed in rougher environments, we recommend a tougher case (Otterbox and LifeProof are good alternatives). Inside the case, a microfiber keeps the iPhone from getting scratches when you remove it or put it in your pocket.


The case has holes for a headphone jack, lighting cable, speaker, and mute button, basically leaving the bottom of the phone completely exposed. The buttons are responsive under the case, and although the buttons were a bit hard to press at first, they eased up after a couple of days. In the camera cavity, there is a black anti-glare section. One problem we encountered is that some gestures (like swiping from left) are hard to perform because of the higher dent around the screen.

The Apple Leather Case does bring an element of class to the iPhone 6, and although the leather ages, it does add character; right now, the case is a bit overpriced. If you don’t complain about the price, this case is perfect for the average consumer, melding together both reasonable protection and a high-quality design.