God, the excellent creator of every life and the world entirely, made all things without any mistake. There was neither amendment nor problem. He saw the importance of man and that He had to create him in His image and resemblance. Adam, the first man, was in the garden for a long time. But he wasn’t an ally to any living thing on earth.

There was no equal for him. There was no companion when he felt lonely. Things were running off-hand because there was no helper’. God was worried about the state of man. He tested animals, especially the dog, but to no avail. He tried the water and non-living things but failed. God has to command a woman. God designed a woman and beautified her with relevant and expensive qualities. The woman was made from the rib of a man (part) immediately when Adam had a harbinger of a song.


He walked up from the deep slumber and discovered a treasure, a splendid life form more than gold. In an instant, Adam said, “This is bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh”. Adam saw what is beyond human description in the woman God created for him, and he had to claim her quickly before God changed His mind. God made her wonder that the minor thing in her is more costly than silver. She is created to be of good importance to man.

The pride or glory is just that affectionate and great exquisiteness like the elegant sunset that has a particular cause for delight, respect, or happiness more than the glories of nature and the lilies that God alleges in a woman for his pleasure. God gave them more glory in their outward show due to their work and a sense of dignity and

respect for themselves. Pride is pleasure or satisfaction from being responsible for something excellent or widely admired. The knowledge of one’s worth or character. Glory can still be an enjoyable quality when it becomes an adjective, glorious. Women were made to appear better or nobler than they were.

Among all people on earth, only Solomon in the Holy Scriptures was able to discover the great glory and gorgeousness of a woman. According to his discoveries, that was initially true. Women are credited with glory, honor, and power to have a second dominion. All parts of their body are precious and elegant. The young king compares her to more of the pharaoh’s chariots. Their cheeks are comely with ornaments, like a bag of myrrh

and a cluster of hewn blossoms in the vineyard of gold. Their eyes are beautiful, like the dove, which can control the warrior’s heart and bring peace amid troubles. They are the lilies among brambles, as an apple tree among men. With great delight, men regard them. They are like a young stag upon rugged mountains. The woman makes the man complete. When a man is upset, distressed, and confused about life, let men only see the face of their love in the clefts of the rocks, in the covert of the cliff. The hypertensive situation will

automatically change, and an angry mind will turn to a sweet mind, for their voice is lovely, and their face is comely. Their hair is like a flock of goats moving down the slopes of Gilead. Their teeth are like a flock of the shorn ewe that has come up from the washing. Their nose is like a tower of Paris, overlooking beauty. Their head crowns you like purple.

A tower of hope and victory, a king is held captive in the tresses. They are pleasant and delectable, the weakness of a mighty giant of heroism. Their kisses are like the best wine that goes down smoothly cladding over lips and teeth, that if a man offered for love all the wealth of his house, it would be utterly scorn and can foolishly sign his death warrant.