God, the excellent creator of every life, and the world entirely, made all things without any mistake. There was neither amendment nor problem. He saw the important of man that He has to create him in His own image and resemblance. Adam the first man was in the garden for a long time. But he wasn’t an ally to any living thing on earth. There was no equal for him. There was no companion when he felt lonely. Things were running off hand because there was no helper’. God was worried about the state of man. He tested animals, especially the dog, but to no avail. He tried the water and non-living things but failed. God has to command a woman. God designed woman and beautified her with relevant and expensive qualities. The woman was made from the rib of a man (part). Immediately when Adam had a harbinger of a song, he walked up from the deep slumber and discovered a treasure, a splendid life form more than gold. In a jiffy, Adam said, “This is the bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh”. Adam saw what is beyond human description in the woman God created for him, that he has to claim her quickly before God changes His mind. God made her wonderfully that the least thing in her is costly than silver. She is created to be of good important to man.pride

The pride or glory of a woman is just that affectionate and great exquisiteness like the elegant of a sunset which has a special cause for delight, respect or happiness more than the glories of nature and the lilies which God allege in a woman for his pleasure. God made them have more glory in their outward show, at the result of their work and a sense of dignity and respect for themselves. Pride is a feeling of pleasure of satisfaction that one gets from being responsible for something excellent or widely admired. The knowledge of one’s owns worth or character. Glory can still be a very pleasant and enjoyable quality when it becomes an adjective, glorious. Women were made to appear better or nobler than they really are.

Among all people on earth, it was only Solomon in the Holy Scripture that was able to discover the astonishing glory and gorgeousness of a woman. According to his discoveries, that was originally true. Women are circlet with glory, honor, and power to have a second dominion. All parts of their body are precious and elegant. The young king compares her to a more of pharaoh’s chariots. Their cheeks are comely with ornaments, like a bag of myrrh, and cluster of hewn blossoms in the vineyard of gold. Their eyes are beautiful like the dove, which can control the heart of the warrior and bring peace in the midst of troubles. They are the lilies among brambles, as an apple tree among men. With great delight men regard them. They are like a young stag upon rugged mountains. The woman makes the man complete. When a man is upset, distressed and confuse of life, let men only see the face of their love, in the clefts of the rocks, in the covert of the cliff, then the hypertensive situation will automatically change, and an angry mind will turn to sweet mind, for their voice is sweet and their face is comely. Their hair is like a flock of goats, moving down the slopes of Gilead. Their teeth like a flock of shorn ewe that has come up from the washing. Their nose is like a tower of Paris, overlooking beauty. Their head crowns you like purple; a tower of hope and victory, a king is held captive in the tresses. They are pleasant and delectable, the weakness of a mighty giant of heroism. Their kisses like the best wine that goes down smoothly cladding over lips and teeth, that if a man offered for love, all the wealth of his house, it would be utterly scorn, and can foolishly sign his death warrant.

The precious thing in a woman has been and will still be what God made it be if it is well preserved otherwise it loses its worth. Solomon was made to see these glories in the woman, which led him to adultery and fornication even idolatry. I am surprised that even women have not discovered what they are and what the have, forgetting that knowledge is power. Some have discovered to about fifty percent. If a woman recognizes what God had made her be, she will never be a holler or a small fry in the sight of men. Women are not created to service men’s sexual desire or to destroy the heart of men, but are created to be a personal assistant to man, a representative. Are women still precious and wonderful with an arrayed glory as God made them to be? Are they still pleasant? Can they be recognized as human nowadays? Are they what Solomon described above or is it on the divergent?

Nowadays observation has shown that women have taken the wind out of their sails. The majority of them are not what they were made to be in the sight of God and men, even in the sight of animals. All over the world women have depreciated in terms of beauty, valuable, pleasant, and when we are talking about beauty, we meant natural elegant, pretty; and not artificial or as a result of attachments. Because it is possible that you use makeup and look more attractive to the eyes of men, but different before your creator, you are just a filthy rag. Of those composition or makeup are originated from the pit of hell, that’s why it encourages prostitution and lust because when you give yourself to any kingdom, you must be influenced. So God doesn’t take pleasure and glory from them. Women are now cheap, and easy. Men no longer see women the way they suppose i.e. the level, King Solomon saw them. But the world entirely sees them as a dog that should satisfy their lustful and evil desire. And such cheap women are later abandoned, because a free and easy thing can never be cherished. That is to say, that majority of women have lost their precious glory, their pride, honors, right, high merit, potentials, and power. Some of the fundamental things that led to the downfall of a destined child could be the cheat, hypocrite, greed, and ignorance.woman

Women sold their glory and pride to money and perishable gift, material possession. What an exchange of a precious gold to a devalued penny. In the early time when there was no love for money nor being greedy for filthy lucre, then true love still existed, women marry and not prostitution. Marriage was according to the bone of their bone and the flesh of their flesh, but nowadays they marry by the wealth of their flesh and the gift of their bone. Marriage cannot be mistaken belief with wealth, a royal family, provided the man has the marriage statistic, and able to take care of his responsibilities. But in this time, girls evaluate marriage with flashy cars, wealth and family background, selective and greedy, thereby missing their opportunity. And that is why they are treated as a horse bought with money. And such women are did not get it right, some women went into prostitution because they are not satisfied with what they have, or they want to be like other women. But if you become a nanny before any man, you are bound to one day look like those abandon refuge out there in the street. Women became useless when they sold themselves for money. Some it causes their life or infected with dangerous evils. A prostitute has only a short life -span, they die young at times. Remember a bingo dog is still a dog before the owner, but nowadays dogs are more regarded than women. Women don’t have a choice; they can sleep with animals, provided the animal has some money to offer. Prostitution is never a job. Before women are one, but today we have two categories of women, the first category are those women for some particular men, while the second category is women for all men, and that is prostitution. It makes them not -discipline and foolish, with a rascal personality, thereby losing their repute. Prostitution started when women lose insight of what they are when lust came to play in life. Women now tempt men to go into adultery by their conduct of dressing. Today we don’t have any record of rape even when the laws seem inactive. They are now greedy of what they don’t merit, and to get that demand, there go outside and appear like masquerade in the street and every place. Prostitution was encouraged by some makeup and several attachments which some are not genuine. Such makeup could be a braided hair, gold or pearls like necklace etc and even costly attire, which expose most of their receptive part. Because of some influence behind such apparel, a man is forced to do contrary to his mentality. If a bone becomes faces in the sight of dogs, bones will suffer humiliation, because the dog will no longer remember when the bone was his messiah. When abomination become a great deal, it turns to a normal life. The abomination of sex before marriage, living with an opposite sex without the union of them both because of it is now rampant; people take it for a normal life. Men use women and dump them, as a result, not having any regard but rather denigrating them in the street because women are not regimented. Most men are now developing high sexual life and high libido, some are looking for means to increase their life, because of the way women are inexpensive in the market. Men may give money and gift, but what did they want in return. Men may not lose their wealth for spending on a woman, but a woman must without doubt; loose her precious potentials in her. Marriages are having the problem because the man believes, he bought the woman with his wealth, and so he can do as it pleases him and the woman become a slave. Women should maintain their respect and regard in the same measure being guided by principles.

Women lost their glory and pride when they invented prostitution. Prostitution is the act of offering oneself for sex with somebody in return for money. It is also to use one’s abilities, talent, glory, pride, destiny etc wrongly or in a way that is not worthy of them, especially in order to earn money. Some girls are lazy, some are born wretched, some are abandoned one’s while some are hopeless, and then in order for life to continue, they went into prostitution to make some money. But that is not how God made it be. It might be possible that the medicine for your survival may attend your funeral when you die. It is one thing to be born as a woman, while it is another thing to discover your opportunity because women became a nonentity and nuisance when movie come to life. If you go to the movie market, women are like banter, because the way they consent to their body out in exchange for money or fame. Prostitution is at its peak in the movie industry. People write the script that will involve women that dress half necked and people that jumble them in the screen in the name of acting, but polluting and encouraging prostitution, making the future of our youth bleak. All such are pornographies which are illegal. Women will be used and later be chuck in a refuge can. Such movie has no positive impact because it leads to a falsified mind. That is why many people are moving to the movie industry just to play an immoral life in the name of acting. They don’t act but do it practically. This also makes women of less importance in the society.of

Also, women lost those excellent things God impute in them when they were used in the advertisement in the movie, magazine and television network. They, you are coach how to dress and appear sexy, just to attract viewers. People don’t know the importance of the night because it comes perpetual and not seasonal, so when women keep appearing naked or half-naked in the advertisement medium, their respect and regard are automatically lost. Because the precious unseen gold is now an underdog, just that it is a blot on the landscape. It is unfortunate because of those men that misuse women cannot take them for a wife, because they accept as true that, there are many women but no wife. Women no longer have a right. Some of these stars are first, used by their employers, because of the quest for money and fame.

They start encountering this lost glory when they were used to commit some evils like murder assassination and robbery. They are paid to commit murder or assassination of people that felled victim to their enticement. Such women have sold their precious psyche. They came in the form of the prostitute and in the process they kill their victim. Such life makes them most miserable. The quest for wealth has made them be a law unto themselves. Some don’t want to be married, but flutter in every man’s bed, losing their worth. Woman pride and glory were lost when they start appearing naked in the Internet and other communication devices like the global mobile system. Sex is not a currency to buy things you want emotionally or physically. Sex is not a strategic move, like in a game. It is so much more God created sex for husband and wife. It is a powerful part of their commitment, love, and intimacy because two of them as twain shall become one body.
Nowadays women are anxious about calls from wherever and wherever they are moving, on the street or before any man, that’s why they dress to kill. They yearn for to have sex and not men. Why are they inviting men to hotels, where most of them are residing? They can even kill and do some illegitimate things, just to get a man. They can even use charm. This day you don’t toast women twice. Are they not offering their body for at no cost? Some immoral and adulterous spirit now influences some. Men are now deadbeats of them. Before, we believe that for a man to approach a woman or to have some chat, the man must be prepared and be compose, so that he wouldn’t behave insanely in their presence because there is something in them that controls the whole lot. A man says that men have seven senses, while women have three, but one sense in a woman can control the three senses in a man. But hence phenomenon is false these days. Really, the love of money is the root of all this evil.

Let us trace the origin of this great downfall. A woman introduced the first sin on earth. How? When she became greedy, despite the number of wealth in the Garden of Eden, the woman desired the fruit (sin) before she was tempted. Her response to the tempter tells us that she is really interesting, but pretending for all this while. She wasn’t content with what she had. The bible said; the fruit was good and one to be desired in her eyes. She did not oppose the toast, tricks of the devil and his crafty, but allowed him to work in her intelligence. Men easily deceive women. Money, cars, wealth and promises confuse them. There’s nothing for a man to deceive a woman or fool her, rather women have some qualities to fool a man. Women don’t know how to apply their minds unto wisdom. Must men see your innermost part of the wrong time and wrong way before they marry? When you take an orange, you have the right to throw it peel away. Women should be nobody’s fool when men use some diction without root, but with an interior intention. When you become cheap, you will be treated cheap. If you allow a monkey to control you, the monkey will control you like a monkey. Women definitely don’t know their value, unless they loose it.

Don’t forget that anything evil has a secret behind its motive. Devil is responsible for this lost glory, from the beginning and today, so that he will cause humans to offend God; today he still uses women for his strategy. He actualizes this by promoting the activities that encourage evil like prostitution. By the production of indecent attire, sexy perfumes, pornography shows in the screen, paper, Internet etc so that human beings will continue disobeying God, thereby engulfing into God’s wrath. All these have some spiritual influence over a carnal person. Some of these productions are from the pit of hell having their human agents fulfilling their assignment on earth, which anybody without a defense (Christ) must submit to their enticement and bait. Some are from environmental and territorial demons, while others could be in the school, offices, company, industry, church, and streets, all over the globe.

The consequences’ for this lost glory is factual. Although some are already mentioned above. Women don’t have regard, respect, value and trust. Women can easily give-up. Now, before a woman gets any appointment, she must first commit herself to evil, because they made it so. Most of them are used and later is discarding; some are used for rituals, public shame. Some die after being mal-used or because of the drugs abuse and certain compromise. Some have developed sterility. Some are frustrated and abandon, while some suffer broken hearted. Many married women don’t have right in their homes; they can be beaten and wounded. The woman easily contact disease and die quick, selling their destiny to the devil. Remember hell fire is still eternal. Some women hardly marry, which is some of the pride of a woman. An abandoned property, is still an abandon proper, no matter how it may look like, it has no value. If a woman eats the forbidden fruits she has definitely lost her glory. Problems like infidelity, premarital pregnancy etc. a prostitute has some hidden limitation to life. But, can such glory of a woman that was lost be restored? YES.

Any woman that wants to be what God made her be, and still be recognizing as a precious gold, must rather work in the newness of life, after her repentance from every dead work. On the beginning of this fall, God was automatically making a way for her to be restored. She needs to acknowledge her sins and confess them to Christ Jesus their savior and not to any man, then asking for forgiveness, promising to forsake them all. As she surrounds herself to the will of God, God will make her a new person, and all her old life shall never be recalled. Then Christ will transform her messed body into a new body and restore all that she had lost, making her a virgin again. This is real; God is ever ready to receive us as sinners, only that, we don’t give him a chance. When this is done, she will then be such model.

The woman should be all right with the much they have. For nothing can be too much and nothing can be too small.You don’t need to compare you with anybody. The car, resident or attire of another person may not fit you. Go and look for what will fit you. God made everything that is, as it pleases him and for his purpose. If you are not beautiful, you must be wealthy or brilliant. All fingers may not be equal, but all humans are equal. Because you may have what I don’t have or I may have what you don’t have. Don’t feel cheated by some of your lacks, they may lead you to what you don’t want a dream to be. Your problem may be that you are yet to discover some or all of your talents. Any woman, privilege or not, should not be hopeless and visionless, your destiny is still unchanged unless you change it. If a mosquito can still be classified as an insect or if a girl can still be a woman some other time. It is just a matter of time. The different between today and tomorrow is time, for what must be, must be. It doesn’t matter the circumstances before you, remember every bridge must be cross, every tree must be climb and every ocean must be swim.
The woman should not be subjected to any man outside marriage and should not fill inferior before any man, though you shouldn’t be arrogant, and violent, but always avoid any appearance of evil. They shouldn’t consider themselves as anything or cheap before any wealthy or handsome man. Women are costly than wealth. So there is no need for a woman to stop for unnecessary calls or arrogant toast, it doesn’t show respect and regard. Why must a person that don’t really appreciate what God made on you, use you and abandon you? Why must you expose every delegate part of your body? Why must an employer visit your body before he offers an employment? Why must you give yourself to advertisement media or any screen show? Is it better to give yourself to the devil or to God? If you give your totality to God, he will change every aspect of your life, though it may tarry, but patience is the key since God cannot be unrighteous to give you wickedness.

A woman should remember that they are also God’s image as human. So if the man has some attractive things, a woman has more than them. The rat first attracted a hunter that sets an attractive trap for a rat. You have some qualities that men don’t have. So why must you make yours cheap and easy? Women should not allow, what happen to them in the beginning by the devil, repeat itself. They have right in the community and the world at large. Why must you say yes to every man that is not your future? Giving every person and attention is never they key to your success. Because when there are too many unripe mangoes in the basket, one might not know the very ripe mango amongst them midst. Not every person that say hello! Is the real hello? We don’t mean class, but your future.

A woman should not kill their goose that will lay a golden egg. No circumstances last forever, and no condition is permanent. Don’t loose your gold for a penny, as they say, “use what you have to get what you want, or heaven help those that help themselves, or use every opportunity at your reach and get your dream. This languages are absolutely wrong but comes out from the pit of hell. What you have is not made for what you want, but what God want. You don’t make yourself as you are, remember, you are God’s creature. Every opportunity at your reach may not be for what you think. Sex is way too powerful to use, to get what you want, outside marriage it can easily backfire on you, resulting in emotional letdown, guilt, possibly an unwanted pregnancy or many possible diseases. Save it for what it was made for.