One of the Give Sun Light  Second World War objectives was to set all the colonies free. If that was the only goal for the colonies, so be it. The settlements all over the world should have their independence. Some twenty years after the war, the last of the colonies received their freedom. Freedom means you give people autonomous rule. They set up their system of government and let them experiment with liberty as the freed American colonies did In the late eighteenth century.

But giving the several races back their independence was not the final object. The United States robbed the American poor while giving illegally collected tax funds by the hundreds of billions to these colonies. That is not bad, and the One World Order conspirators counted on us, believing that keeping our heads in the mud. Money is never given without a burden attached to the funds.


Your tax dollars bought obedience from all these newly formed governments. They became puppets of America and the bankers because every one of the nations defaulted on their contracts and thus enslaved themselves to the international financial institutions of authority that manage the disbursement and control the funds.

The international bankers also gave the freed American colonies money after the signing of the Constitution. The Constitution held cleverly deceptive clauses in it that the bankers at a later time could exploit to slowly gain control over the affairs of the people and all the state and federal governments. That money bought them the enslavement of the

American people. The authorities hailed the Constitution overload as the best arrangement ever seen in the history of the world. The people were brainwashed to believe that the Constitution was a cure-all and that it was just another trap for the American people to walk into wide-eyed. I think the real reason for including the amendments to the Constitution was to give a precedent to the conspirators to change the Constitution. It became a prison sentence rather than a proclamation of liberty.

That is what the Constitution is today: prison sentence of enslavement. The people and governments of these freed colonies were not allowed to establish their form of government. They were not given the right to freely pattern their form of government according to a capitalist or communist plan of order or even form their political system based on religion, philosophy, or ideology.

America fought any government in the world that was not healing to the dictates of the One World Order and that, somehow, could not be subverted by the CIA. We can see this process clearly at work today in Iraq. America is installing a puppet government in Iraq that will track according to the dictates of the One World Order conspirators. The United States has always been an aggressor and world dictator.

The communists were right that the capitalist form of government in America was an imperialist beast. The American people are as guilty as the politicians. The Constitution demands that the people defend it (after all, it was written by “We, the People”), and it cannot be left for the government to control its limitations. Bankers’ propaganda fed through government channels led us to believe that the Constitution was in good shape and good hands. People are dreamers. If you want a lease on your dog, do not let the dog decide if and when to put it on.

The dog would never be on the lease. However,, the United States government made the people believe that the government could fashion and control its leash and use it at its discretion. It made a leash from the Constitution that had 300,000,000 collars, and it was the government who held the leash and put all the people in this newly designed leash.