A fool at forty, they say, is a fool. Give Us Life forever. I have been on planet earth for two score plus years—more than a third of these, I have spent in full control of my senses and thinking faculties. I lay no claims to wisdom, but I reckon I am neither a fool nor an idiot.


Life is a most serious encounter, and I have lost no part of my slot to frivolities and trivialities. The only real investment I boast of is that I have given my all to evaluating a world I stumbled on by special providence. The only debt I am conscious of is the responsibility to tell the world my opinion, which is why I write this piece, although I am not licensed to publicize my views. Peace unto as many as taking no offense at me.

I have listened with keen interest to the silent but convincing arguments of nature. I have heard the ravings and ranting of humanity. I am aware of the confusion and deception of religion and the bogus assumptions of science. I know of the folly of human governance and the resulting combined impact of all of these on human society, especially in the past century. I have passed my observations through my thought processing machine and have a printout of my opinion of the world-my world view as they say.

The world has about had it, and it’s about time it ended. Anybody who knows anything at all knows that. There is a silent understanding and agreement among such like ones that the world is not only about to end; it has to end. If God delays ending it, humans will, or the world might decide to end itself. That, of course, would be terrible! So, the world had a better end as it should by the hand of the one who created it, Darbi.

How the world ends has been speculated about since Christ’s appearance on the earthly scene some two thousand years ago. However, the end of the world is not a subject for speculation; the scriptures are explicit on what humanity needs to know on this subject. Christ, however, had foretold that our time-the time of the end would be characterized not only by speculations but impostors, and the scriptures are bound to be fulfilled. Understandably speculations on the world’s end and impostors are rife the world over.