What we cannot define, we cannot locate, for our definition determines our destination. One of humanity’s best debacles is the allegiance to history as a general for the prevailing and the future. Humanity is so much indebted to vintage thoughts to the point in which questioning something new looks like a disloyalty to the legends of antique. History must no longer be a standing quo or a vital widespread for the existing and the future, but an idea for correcting the present and the redirection of the future for a better future for humanity.

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In accomplishing health for all within the 21st century, humanity must outgrow vintage minds and methods to expound on recent strategies, methods, ideologies, and strategies to secure fitness for humanity. “The great troubles we’re dealing with cannot be solved on the same level of thinking we in which at when we created them.

In the past, fitness became defined as having each frame and thoughts working in proper order, loose from diseases and pains. If this announcement has been unable to offer humanity the perception of securing health for humanity, then it’s far expedient for humanity to assume out of the reputation quo. There is no way humanity can resolve the

fitness-demanding situations of the 21st century besides the courage to explore the unknown. Concerning the twenty-first-century fitness plan., health is defined as an integrated country of being, of the human frame, soul, and spirit functioning in absolute soundness. Thus, fitness isn’t necessarily the absence of pains or bodily signs and symptoms

of illnesses and sicknesses. There are individuals and not using signs and symptoms of pains, illness, and sicknesses, yet they’re close to their grave. Some similar people died while not having any physical symptoms of pains or ailment. Though they appeared to be pleasant, they died all of a sudden due to the fact they had been not healthful.

Health is much greater than the absence of pains or disease, but an integrated state of being with the human frame, soul, and spirit functioning in absolute soundness. Health is an integrated effect with a purpose. Health is not an accident or an accidental occurrence; however, the resultant effect of the relative functioning of the human frame, soul, and spirit is in absolute soundness. Let me make this clear; fitness isn’t a task we can clear up with the aid of our shallow efforts. That is why regardless of all human efforts in achieving fitness, health has remained a severe project. To acquire health for all within the twenty-first century, humanity ought to forestall joking. We ought to realize that we are managing a challenge that is now not resolved; billions of people can be wiped out before

the quiet of this century. For health to be done in the 21st century, humanity needs to undertake a comprehensive and incorporated approach considering the overall human being; body, soul, and spirit.

I desire using now we’re civilized enough to realize that the human being is not an animal, however, a complicated being with three associated dimensions (body, soul, and spirit). Any fitness plan which focuses only on one measurement of the person will fail. A person needs to enhance his body, soul, and spirit to enjoy health.