You’ve possibly heard it 1,000,000 times – you NEED to back up your facts, or you risk dropping all of it forever. This is not any less critical when you are using WordPress. In reality, it can be more vital because open-supply packages like WordPress are extra prone to hacker assaults. I can inform you from non-public experience how critical it truly is. It’s not been too long in the past.

I went to the homepage of my site to discover it wasn’t my homepage anymore; however, it alternatively had a few images I’d opt for no longer to be related to! I thought it was a mistake at first; however, I soon determined that I’d been hacked. Thankfully, I had a backup gadget in place and was able to recover my site quickly. If I hadn’t – I would have needed to recreate my complete web page all over again – by no means a pleasing thought.


To correctly protect your internet site, you need to one) Have an automatic backup gadget in place, 2) Secure your WordPress setup to make it plenty harder to hack into, and 3) Keep WordPress up to date so you have all today’s security patches.

The true news is that WordPress makes it clean to take all three steps. Some of the stairs are quickly done with a plugin, while others are constructed straight into WordPress. You could be covered in any situation, whether or not your web page is hacked, your website hosting organization disappears, you are making a mistake, or your database gets corrupted.

In this primary of a three-component collection, we will observe the essential step, getting a backup gadget in the vicinity. This step on my own gives you full recover-capability in a catastrophe strike and is the minimum every WordPress person has to do to shield themselves.

What You Need To Backup

There are main components to a WordPress internet site or weblog, the database that carries all of your settings and content and the documents that makeup WordPress, including your Plugins and Themes. You’ll be capable of recreating your whole website/blog using those objects.

Backing Up Your Database

Keeping your database subsidized is most important as it modifications constantly. Every word, image, comment, and place on your website is stored in this database, so it’s far from being up to date always and needs to be backed up robotically.

The simplest manner to back up your database is to use the WP-DB-Backup plugin. This unfastened plugin will automatically back up your database and email you the report. You pick the backup frequency and which tables you need to backup (I lower back all of them up). I additionally endorse putting in place a Gmail account.

Having the backups despatched to it. In this manner, you do not litter up your regular email with the backups, and it is not going that you will ever run out of storage area for the backups as Google now offers 7GB of storage space and is increasing it all the time. Yet, database backups are generally relatively small documents. Just set up the WP-DB-Backup plugin, have it electronic mail to a devoted Gmail account, and you will be nicely included towards a complete lack of your website content.