In the same way, it is Unique Press essential for system administrators to have
the right tools to work smart. Linux is a great desktop OS for developers as well as system administrators. Let us look at some of the utilities that make this a great environment for system administrators and developers. Most of the content below is taken from the home pages of these apps, and they make no claims on the originality. I aim to introduce the reader to the wonderful tools available in a Linux/BSD desktop environment, My Live Updates.



Let’s start with what most people think Linux is about – a text-based part shell. Konsole is an X terminal emulator, often called a terminal or a body. It gives you the equivalent of an old-fashioned text screen on your desktop, which can easily share the screen with your graphical applications. What makes Konsole special? Konsole’s advanced features include simple configuration and the ability to use multiple terminal shells in a single window, making for a less cluttered desktop. Konsole can also be easily embedded in other applications like those practiced by Kate and Konqueror.

Linux Power Tools

As most system administrators need to log into servers regularly, the Konsole benefits them from the Windoze command prompt. In Windows, one must use a program like Putty to log in using SSH. Also, as Linux is the desktop OS, the techs can use the man pages on the local system. One can also try out the various commands locally. Consider a simple example.

Is it

$ ln source file destination file

or is it

$ ln destination file source file

Such things can be easily found out locally without carrying out experiments on the server. Many techs believe that servers are places where they can experiment, and however, such experiments can lead to major losses to the customers due to one small error. A system administrator must understand that people have immense faith in them when they give their entire data, and they cannot risk carrying out simple experiments on servers.

Some screenshots of the Konsole can be seen on the Konsole site

Personal Information Manager / Groupware There are two popular choices here. Evolution
from Novel and the Kontact from KDE. These are email clients, calendaring, meeting
scheduling, a task list, contact management, and syncing functionality. Contact is essentially the regular KDE PIM components that have been put together, i.e., email, organizer, notes, etc… It is a very neat package and is stable and light. Both these are very functional and can connect to many groupware servers.