There are a lot of tasty street foods in Korea. Some are greasy, and some are healthier. For example, ginger toast is an egg-based snack with a sweet and salty taste.

Other heartier foods include sundae, a blood sausage from a pig or cow intestine. It’s often stuffed with cellophane noodles and vegetables, along with pig lung and liver.


Tteokbokki (Spicy Korean Rice Cakes)

TTEOKBOKKI is one of the most famous Korean street foods, and for good reason. The chunks of chewy rice cake mixed with various ingredients are addictive and flavorful. They are also incredibly versatile, with several different variations available. For instance, you can find fusion dishes such as carbonara tteokbokki and curry tteokbokki.

Tteokbokki is made from garage-tteok (long, white, cylinder-shaped rice cakes) that are boiled and tossed in spicy gochujang or non-spicy ganjang sauce. It is then topped with various ingredients, including eomuk (fish cakes), boiled eggs, and diagonally sliced scallions. It can be enjoyed both hot and cold, depending on personal preference.

This popular snack is typically sold in bunsikjip (snack bars), pojangmachas, and dedicated tteokbokki restaurants. It can be purchased as pre-packaged food at grocery stores as well. It has become so popular that even instant versions have been created, making it easy to prepare at home.

Another popular snack is gimbap, which consists of steamed white rice and various fillings. The most common ingredients include kimchi, meat, tuna fish, pickled radish, egg, and sesame oil. Other fillings may consist of squid, sweet potatoes, and mushrooms. Gimbap is a popular choice for people on the go because it can be easily eaten without much fuss.

In addition to tteokbokki, other popular Korean street foods include baby gimbap and ddeokbokki. Baby gimbap is a simple dish that combines steamed rice with your choice of toppings in a seaweed wrap. It’s a great way to eat on the go, and it’s easy to find throughout Seoul. You can choose between various ingredients, such as octopus or kimchi, to make your unique gimbap.


Sundae (sausage) - Wikipedia

Soondae (also known as sundae broken) is a Korean blood sausage dish that originated in North Korea but is also popular in South Korea. It is made by steaming cow or pig’s intestines filled with various ingredients. It is a high-carbohydrate food that can be high in fat. It is not the healthiest option, but if eaten in moderation, it can be a satisfying snack.

Dakgangjeong (dakgjin) is another popular street food in South Korea. It is similar to tteokbokki, but it uses pork rather than chicken. The dish is fried in a sweet and spicy sauce, which makes it deliciously sweet and spicy. It is one of the most popular snacks among Koreans, and you will often see people queuing up for hours to taste a famous street vendor’s version of this dish.

Gimbap is a popular street food in both North and South Korea, and it can be served with different fillings. The most common fillings include steamed rice, carrots, pickled radish, egg, and ham. The dough is typically made from sticky rice, and mugwort is often used to give it its green color. It is usually brushed with sesame oil before being served.

Odeng are hot, easy-to-eat fishcakes that are often grilled on skewers. They are a great choice for those who love spicy foods but cannot eat meat. They are a healthy alternative to grilled street foods like tteokbokki and dolsotbbim. These skewers are low in calories and can be enjoyed piping hot on a cold day.


Korean Odeng - Classic Lunchbox Banchan – FutureDish

Odeng (or Eomuk Guk in Korean) is a popular, classic, and traditional street food that is especially comforting during fall and winter. This simple dish consists of fish cakes on skewers in a delicious broth made with anchovy, dried kelp, and Korean radish. The broth is seasoned with soup, soy sauce, salt, and rice wine. It is a very easy and satisfying meal to eat on the go and is great when eaten with other bunsik-style foods such as tteokbokki or spicy bibim noodles.

During the Japanese colonial period, many factories that produced this fish ball-shaped food were opened in Busan. This industry continued after Korea became independent, and Odeng is now the representative food of Busan. These small fish cakes are made from minced white fish, flour, and seasonings pressed or shaped into a patty and then fried. It is a low-calorie snack and the perfect food to munch while drinking soju.

Another very famous and common Korean street food is Hotteok, which is a type of filled pancake that resembles a large samosa. It is usually stuffed with sweet fillings such as cinnamon, peanuts, and brown sugar and then steamed, boiled, or pan-fried. They are very popular and can be found in almost any restaurant or street vendor.

Blood sausage is a popular snack in Korea and goes well with a bottle of soju. It is made with coagulated pig blood, glass noodles, and barley and sometimes comes with slices of liver or lung. This dish is not for the faint of heart, but it can be enjoyed by anyone who wants to try a unique Korean snack!

Fish cake

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A Korean fish cake is not something you might expect to see on a menu, but it’s one of the most popular dishes in Korea. It’s a crunchy, fried snack that is filled with pork or fish, and it’s usually served with soy sauce. It’s not only delicious but also nutritious and low in calories. You can even find fusion tteokbokki at some of the more famous street food joints in Seoul, like Carbonara tteokbokki and Curry tteokbokki.

Another popular Korean street food is a sundae, blood sausage. It comprises cow or pig blood, glass noodles, glutinous rice, and vegetables. It can be found at most street stalls and pojangmachas, and it’s a great way to get your iron in. It’s a tasty alternative to bratwurst or salami, and it’s especially delicious when grilled.

Gimbap is a rolled rice dish that’s popular in Korea. It can contain various ingredients, from pickled radish to tuna fish and egg, wrapped in seaweed with sesame oil. It’s easy to take on the go, and it’s a popular snack for busy office workers or students.

Odeng are fish-shaped skewers found at most street corners in Seoul and other cities in South Korea. They’re a perfect winter treat, warm and soft with just a hint of fishiness. They’re usually served with a cup of ordering soup, which is rich and spicy with chunks of seafood and green onion. You can also find them shaped into other shapes, such as chrysanthemum flowers, to make gukhwa-ppang. They’re often sprinkled with cinnamon and peanuts. They’re also available in small boxes, a convenient way to take them on the go.

Bap burger

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The Korean street food scene is full of delicious delicacies. While many people may only be familiar with tteokbokki, a spicy rice cake mixed with various ingredients, there are plenty of other tasty options. For example, carbonara tteokbokki is one of the newest twists on this classic dish. You can also find bindaetteok, deep-fried patties made of mung beans and other ingredients. These hearty dishes are usually served as complete meals, and you can enjoy them on the go or at home.

Another great option for a quick meal is cupbab, which is a bowl of kimchi fried rice and various toppings. It is a favorite among students and those preparing for state exams since it provides energy and nutrients. You can also find multiple types of mandu, or Korean dumplings, on the streets. These can be filled with minced meat, tofu, vegetables, or a combination of these ingredients.

Bap burger is a traditional Korean dish that combines a hamburger with rice. It is a popular choice for those on a budget because it is cheap and satisfying. It can be stuffed with various ingredients, such as tuna, kimchi, spicy pork, or chicken. You can even find a vegetarian version of this dish.

The best part of this dish is the tangy and sweet sauce. It is a must-try for anyone who visits Korea. You can serve it on a stick or in a bun, which will satisfy your cravings for something sweet and savory. You can also try ganja hotdogs and sausages on a bar covered in French fries. These snacks are a fun and flavorful way to eat lunch on the go!