In the beginning, internet abuse legal guidelines were drafted to protect net customers from fraud and different kinds of cybercrime. Laws and rules designed to shield net customers are drafted and enforced by the FCC or Federal Communications Commission. As the net received recognition, the quantity of said cyberbullying instances improved dramatically. When the first cases began, few law enforcement officials punished the perpetrator or guarded the victim. In the case of Megan Meier, no expenses have ever been filed against the bullies who harassed her.

The mom and daughter who initiated the ruse created a fictitious MySpace profile for a young guy. They convinced Megan that “Josh” liked her and wanted to be her boyfriend. After a few weeks, Megan instructed that Josh did not desire to talk to her. The regular barrage of terrible comments and veiled threats drove Megan over the threshold. Two weeks short of her 14th birthday, she committed suicide. The two culprits knew that Megan struggled with depression and took a medicinal drug to manipulate her condition.


Internet Abuse Laws

According to law enforcement officials who investigated the incident, they could not be charged for whatever crime they committed because there has been no documented rate for their accomplishments. No fee existed in shaping the description of what they had finished. That ultimately changed when the Cyberbullying Protection Law was drafted into law. The Cyberbullying Protection Law made it against the law to annoy, stalk, and bully another man or woman over the internet.

Other portions of legislation quickly accompanied. Cyberstalking legal guidelines were drafted and enacted in each nation of the union. Federal rules were also passed to protect net customers from being stalked and pressured. Special laws have also been exceeded that were designed to defend minors mainly. Each nation was liable for drafting, approving, and implementing their versions of the federal Internet legal guidelines.

Various Types of Internet Abuse

Internet abuse takes many forms. With the advent of the latest varieties of technology, the quantity of fraud and identity theft instances skyrocketed in a few brief years. In addition to important monetary crimes, the internet created the right medium for the manufacturing and sale of child pornography. Including the internet in public faculties taught children how to navigate the world’s huge internet.

As college students became more talented in the use of computer systems, bullies commenced applying the internet to stalk and harass their sufferers. For a bully, the net becomes the precise medium to perform. They ought to come and go as they pleased without leaving any physical proof. The excellent component to them was that they might remain anonymous.