Instagram has emerged as the top social media platform for all things fashion, and clothing brands have begun to realize its immense potential and reach. Approximately 140 million active users on Instagram go through ecommerce content daily. Hence, by garnering audiences’ interest and gaining their interest, apparel brands and budding designers can see their sales skyrocket and achieve targets they never imagined they could. Listed below are a few tips that dictate how one can market their clothing brand on Instagram through Instagram ads:


Creating an impactful feed

Creating an impactful feed is essential to marketing your clothing brand on Instagram. The said platform is essentially visual, and hence, whether you post pictures, illustrations, or videos, all of these elements should be coherent, maintain a theme, and be aesthetically pleasing. You must also pay attention to your handle, bio, and avatar. Users like being attached to or following brands that tend to have good posts, and hence, you need to maintain and create an impactful presence.

Your content on Instagram should all be tied together and feel consistent. You could follow a consistent aesthetic pattern, edit pictures in the same filters or hues, or maintain a unique look to your profile. Irrespective of how you choose to do so, your profile should convey a brand story and present your brand’s outlook in the best possible way.

video content if you are an established brand, as videos get more engagement than simple posts.

Engage in some old-fashioned BTS

BTS or behind-the-scenes content is a great way to engage your audience and make your brand look authentic. BTS also helps build brand personality, making your customers feel your brand on a personal level. You could post pictures or videos about your clothes’ manufacturing or designing process or just pictures of your employees working hard in the office. You could also post BTS of photoshoots you may have for your clothes.

Instagram is an excellent platform for small clothing businesses to begin their business journey. Many clothing businesses start with Instagram pages and increase their online presence after success on Instagram. Numerous clothing businesses have started without a website and only sold through their Instagram pages.