There is nothing really new happening on the market after I wrote about amputations and magnet implants. The newest thing is called “Brain Piercing”. Unfortunately, I can’t write about it now since I’m still doing some research on the subject, this way I will be able to write an article worthy of all of you. But, I thought my latest experience was exciting, not very extreme, but the most interesting tattoo I’ve got so far. Thinking about the few rejections that I had, I thought many people might go through the same problem. So I decided to make it public Work Reveal.


For the last few years, I have had this idea for a beautiful tattoo. It was supposed to be a line of mirrored phoenixes starting on my neck, following down on my spine down to my tail bone.
Easier said than done, I guess… So a few months before my 34th birthday, I started to look

for an artist to do the work. As many people know, Brazil is a well-known country in the tattoo industry. We have really great professionals down here. So here I’m with the project, but because I’m very picky as to who will tattoo my body, I could only choose a hand full of professionals among hundreds. From many portfolios that I saw, I thought that only those guys would do a decent job out of my very full of micro details idea.

Of those five ultra qualified professionals, none wanted to do the tattoo. All of them told me that it was literally impossible. And the only one that was going to take the challenge, because I did agree to make the phoenixes a bit larger than what I wanted, had a family problem. Time passed, I became older and had no tattoo.

I’m sure that I do not have to explain the feeling for my tattoo-addicted friends and readers, but for the people who do not have the tattoo “bug”, I can say that it is really frustrating. It feels more or less like you have spent months gathering the money to go to your favorite group performance, and exactly on the show day, the band decided to split up for good.

So here I was with the ticket and no show, or better saying, with the drawing and no artist. The other day while I was walking on the street, I saw a small tattoo parlor. And being so devoted to getting my body covered with phoenix images, I thought about stopping there for a couple of minutes to check out his work. The worst that could happen was I would meet

another wannabe. Actually, the market is full of them. Most of the tattoo artists around are not that great. After I finish this story, I will add a guide on how to find gold between pebbles. Going back to the tale: I went into the studio, and there was this; let me, please state the obvious, tattoo-covered guy. His name is Flavio Vandroiy, I hadn’t heard about him at all, but once I was there, I decided to give him a shot, he had a client waiting, so our first contact was brief, but even though, to my surprise, he was very attentive.

Now, if you know a few renowned tattoo artists, you will understand that more and more, the pop star idea is truly affecting our fellas. Boy, most of the time, it feels like they are part of the royalty and are doing you the favor of looking at your face, even if only for five minutes of their precious time. Please note that there are some exceptions; one of them is the lovely Pierre Chapelle, whom, many years ago, I had the pleasure of being tattooed by while I was

living in Montreal. I checked out one of Flávio Vandy’s portfolios on paper and analyzed his work better through his website. The work looked pretty good. Steady and clear lines signed his tattoos. Then I saw a picture of a tiny tattoo full of details; I analyzed it for about one hour, looking at every detail. After that, I thought that he would probably do a good job out of my drawing. I sent him an e-mail with the image of my phoenix attached, after a day, he sent me an honest reply. He told me that the drawing was quite small, but he would take up the challenge.