However, if you have the sources to open the first location, and plan to depend on using coins flow from the primary one to open the second one, third, and so forth, be careful. Remember, when you have coins inside the financial institution or fairness in your non-public assets, you can always use that for running capital or expansions later. If you propose to depend upon business financing at any time, financing the primary one is what offers you the greatest flexibility.

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That’s the downside of this option. Having your non-public money tied up in a commercial enterprise limits your flexibility within the future. You may also or might not be capable of taking advantage of a future possibility when it comes along. Many books are available that speak the fee for the use of OPM (Other People’s Money) in the opening and developing a hit commercial enterprise.

Option II: Take out a loan secured with the aid of your personal property This Option offers extra flexibility than Option I. Your liquid belongings remain liquid supplying you with the capability to respond as needed to converting enterprise requirements. The net, after-tax difference among interest earned and interest paid, may be low making this a possible opportunity to Option I.

The downside of this Option is available in forms: (1) tying up the non-public property you pledge as security, and (2) the authentic, all-in price of the financing.

Tying up your private belongings limits your desire and versatility inside the destiny. As an example, we recently funded a 2nd location for a sure franchisee. He had taken out an SBA loan for his first vicinity the usage of his domestic a safety. He knew the lender changed into additionally filing a lien in opposition to his first region but no person idea this will be a trouble due to the fact we planned to secure our mortgage with handiest his new region.

What we discovered during the title seek was that once the authentic lender filed their lien against the franchisee’s enterprise, they listed the location they have been financing and protected the word “all future locations” inside the lien submitting. Those three little words intended that any and all places this franchise could open at any time within the destiny have been going to be considered security towards his unique mortgage! We had been sooner or later capable of solving this but needed to negotiate a subordination settlement with the unique lender.

The lesson here is to be very cautious about what the lender, in reality, makes use of as safety at the loan because it is able to restriction your alternatives in the destiny.

In phrases of the authentic, all-in price of the financing, this will be a complicated problem. Unfortunately, some creditors like it that way. They will quote a low-interest charge however no longer the points and mortgage costs involved. They won’t take some time to educate a borrower on the variations between variable price financing and stuck charge financing. They may not absolutely expose all the charges which might be incurred during the life of the mortgage.

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The lesson right here is to get everything in writing and assessment it with a depended on a consultant. Most professional lenders will difficulty a suggestion or term sheet that consists of distinctive records approximately bills, costs, phrases, protection, etc.

Option III: Take out an industrial commercial enterprise mortgage for franchise financing. This alternative has a tendency to provide the greatest flexibility to maximum franchisees. Franchise loans are generally secured most effective with the belongings of the franchise, leaving all private property unencumbered. Pay close interest on what franchise property are getting used as security (See the story below choice II).

In phrases of the authentic, all-in price of this type of financing, as we mentioned beneath Option II, this may be a complicated difficulty. All of the objects noted in connection with Option II observe right here with choice III. Get proposals in writing, an assessment the ones proposals with a trusted consultant, and make a totally knowledgeable decision.

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