Our way of life, around the world, places a lot of pressure on us to look exact, live young, and live lovely. Why? How does this affect us? There are many reasons why. One, from more of an evolutionary stance, is that being stunning encourages people to procreate. More youthful women have a greater ability to have children, so teens are seen as suitable; that is herbal

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and enables us to have procreated around the world. If we had advanced in this sort of manner to discover older adults to be attractive, then we wouldn’t have as many infants, and genes wouldn’t be exceeded. While this may seem like a substitute medical and bloodless, it has a totally evolutionary, genetic thing. It helps us make babies and hold generations going. You could nearly say that beauty is inside the genes.

But perhaps miles more powerful pressure that generates what we consider lovely and affects us is the media. The media is continuously telling us what is beautiful and what is attractive due to the fact there may be again to that. If we adore who we’re and do not want to alternate between improving ourselves, then no agencies could make money on selling products that enhance humans. So there may be a sense that “Hiya, we have to make

human beings sense like there may be a feeling that they want to exchange themselves and make themselves greater stunning so that we can make cash.” Again, this may appear cold, but it has a total economic gain to our tradition. It enables us to create merchandise so that we can exchange and look “more lovely.” So in a sense, lets say that we’re mind-

washed. We’re brain-washed as to what beauty is, and it constantly modifications, so in that manner, we’re constantly at the move to enhance ourselves. We’re by no means happy with who we are; we need to alternate, stay young, and if we’re young, we have to look in a different way than we are. That is what continues the economic wheels turning.

So are we able to, or do we need to do something approximately this? The answer is “yes.” Yes, we need to do something positive about this, and sure, we can do something about this. So first, why have to we do something about this? Why no longer buy into the entirety we are told, make adjustments, and maintain enhancing ourselves to stay younger and live

beautifully? Mostly we should do something positive about this as it’s difficult for us. It’s now not wrong or irrelevant to make modifications to improve ourselves; it is absolutely suitable to do that; however, while there’s a feeling of steady “deficit” that we tell ourselves “there is something wrong with me,” then modifications want to occur. It’s higher, far higher, to say, “Hey, that is the way I am. This is the manner.

God created me; however, can I beautify it, or can I make it higher?” It’s plenty like a farmer who has an area, and there are wild berries there, and he can find wild animals to hunt and acquire, or he can get domesticated animals, and he can till that land and make it even more productive. It’s a form of like that; it’s a desire, we nevertheless love the beauty of the wildness, but we will pick to improve ourselves.