With the new innovations and Web List Posting  inventions popping up every day, one begins to think back just a few years ago, when Dick Tracy, watch phone and Sci-Fi movies and shows (The Jetson’s) had video conference calling with people from all around the world. Well, those are no longer sci-fi dreams and wishful futuristic inventions. From communications to health benefits, science has made out life as we know it much simpler and easier.hi

Today I returned from the Republic of Panama where I spent two weeks traveling around the country checking out the usual tourist sites and popular events. Not only was I able to contact the local resort areas, restaurants and hotels using my computer and a combination of Magic-Jack and Skype, I was able to receive all of my messages and return all calls to the United States for free or just a few cents per call. While driving throughout the city of Panama and along the pan American highway, I would pull into a local McDonalds, coffee shop or any establishment that offered Wi-Fi, turn on my computer and either dial through my Skype account to local numbers for less than $.10 cents a minute or through Magic jack to the United States or Canada for free ($29.00 per year). The Skype calls allow video conferencing between Skype users for free to anywhere in the world. I was able to have several teleconferencing calls with friends in Russia from any Wi-Fi location in Panama with ease.

Skype is a free download and all calls to other Skype users is free. Using any handset or microphone, you can dial anyone’s Skype number or for a few cents per minute make international phone calls to anywhere in the world. With an Internet camera, you can video conference any Skype user internationally. Skype also has voicemail, private phone numbers and other calling features available.

Magic-Jack offers a 2 inch USB hardware device that automatically downloads the software necessary to make calls anywhere in the world. The hardware runs $29.00 and one-year subscription of unlimited phone calls to Canada and the U.S. is a mere $29.00 also. Presently Magic-Jack is offering five years of service for $60.00. Simply plug in any landline phone into the hardware device and dial away. Magic-Jack also has international accessibility when a slightly higher rate for the minute. Magic-Jack also has voice messaging that can be sent directly to your e-mail account and listened to at your leisure. You can choose a phone number from any area code in the U.S., to allow your friends to call locally, even though you may be located on another continent.

For those of you without computers or don’t want to carry one around, there is one more internet telephone company making headway, OOMA. Presently on sale at $199.00, a one-time charge, this device allows you to call unlimited in the United States with NO MONTHLY FEES, and with very low international rates. The favorite part of OOMA is you don’t need a computer or headset, just connect to your internet service and plug in your existing phone set, and start dialing.

While you are travelling you will, of course, be taking pictures to remind you of all that you are experiencing, and what better way than through a new SD card, “Eye-Fi” a Wi-Fi enabled memory card that allows you to upload your pictures and videos to your computer from your camera or to share them on your favorite sharing site. From 2GB to 8GB, home, and professional versions, with Geotagging available for an additional fee that will tag all of your pictures and show where they are from as well as locate them on a map. It will automatically free up space on your card once your photos and videos and been safely delivered to your
destination of choice.tech

For communicating in a foreign language, there are several language programs available for easy listening and quick learning. But to get begin learning immediately for FREE, where you will find a veritable treasure trove of online courses on any and all languages. Courses, exams and lessons. All you will ever need to improve your language skills. With Wi-Fi access, you can open translate.google.com and you can translate anything on the fly. Simply type in or cut and paste any words or pages, and immediately have the translation at your fingertips.

One of the best available now is Livemocha, where you can begin speaking, writing and conversing in the language of your choice at your own pace. When you sign in you will have a selection of friends you can invite to learn with you as well as a list of suggested language partners in other countries learning English and other languages that you can contact via the internet, email and Facebook. This has been described as a better cost and technique than Rosetta Stone, (Livemocha is FREE, and Rosetta Stone is $699 for one full language program). It delivers tests, exercises, and contacts you on a regular basis to ensure you stay abreast of your language learning goals.

If you have a new Android phone or open source handheld internet device, there are translation apps available for free that will not only translate for you but with the press of a button, will actually pronounce the translation in the language of your choice. So get packed and travel to those destinations you always dreamed of with the newest in communication and language devices.

Another highly innovative development in the healthcare arena is led by Life Line Screening. For anyone over 50 who wants to be proactive about his or her health, you can take up to five health screenings lasting approximately 10 minutes each. Through ultrasound technology, Life Line Screening can literally see inside your cartoon arteries and make you aware of any impending dangers in plaque buildup. These screenings detect carotid artery stenosis, atrial fibrillation, abdominal aortic aneurysms, peripheral arterial disease and diminished bone density. These are all done without any invasive procedures by simply attaching a few listening patches. The leading cause of stroke is fatty plaque buildup in the carotid arteries, which blocks adequate blood flow to the brain. This series of preventive screenings is never included a typical physical exam, even though it is one of the leading causes of stroke. It is a sound investment in your health and longevity. The screenings are offered throughout the country at regular intervals and are readily available in your hometown.

If you want to really stay healthy, carry around a heart rate monitor to track your exercising and other daily activities. These devices work on their own or in conjunction with most exercise equipment with built-in monitor features. Regular aerobic exercise within your target heart rate zone plays a significant role in preventing heart and blood vessel disease. By using a heart monitor, you can control the amount of your body’s sugar that you burn during exercising, rather than simply going through the motions. Without a heart rate target zone, and a method to maintain that target zone, you will not get the maximum benefit out of your exercises.

Samsung’s “MyFit” BIO sensor, combines an MP3 player with a calorie counter, personal trainer, fitness schedule, advice on your nutritional needs and more. Once you feed in your personal information and your target questions, it will suggest the best exercise program for you to succeed at your health goals. You can set up your own routine, switching from anaerobic to aerobic, and keep track of your results. A built-in sensor does a fat analysis by simply holding it to your body. It has a built-in stress sensor that analyzes your heart rate, keeps count of your calorie intake and a built-in pedometer. It has 90 home, office and gym activities with audio instructions to keep you active.

Tired of carrying around your laptop? Qualcomm has patented a three screen touchscreen device that would allow you to fold out the screens to get a bigger viewing image when it comes to watching movies on the go, but a smaller one for day to day usage.

A multi-fold mobile device that when fully extended, may provide a panorama view, similar to widescreen televisions. When fully folded, the device will be similar to cellular telephones. In addition, the user interface (UI) displayed on the device may change based on the folding configuration of the device. Based on the configuration of the device, the UI may be a panorama UI, a desktop UI, an application UI, a web browser UI, an alarm clock UI, a media player UI, or some other UI. Simply slip it into your pocket or purse and you are ready for worldwide access from anywhere. With 3G or the new 4G wireless capabilities, you can do it all from your car or just walk down any street.sci

Watch for the next update on the latest and greatest high-sci tech devices as we continue to review and report on the newest inventions to make your world a little easier to navigate.