Have you created a super cool new app? Have you also tested and attempted your utility with a few potential customers? If so, you must be enthusiastic about the subsequent phase of the life of your application; this is the launching phase. But how does one tap into the arena of the cyber market and get the software observed among the (round) 2 million clients shopping for applications from the official stores?

There are two fundamental kinds of ‘reliable stores’ or online application structures where users can download exceptional applications. One is the App Store, a reliable online store for Apple or iOS devices. The other is ‘Google Play’, a reputable online shop for Android packages. But before we get to study how to get greater downloads for our packages (or apps), we must learn about the approaches wherein users find these apps. Knowing these ways will help us make an advertising approach so that it will not best get our app out in the marketplace; however, it will also help us to ‘promote’ the app, so at the stop of the day, we can get extra installs and downloads.


For starters, the official stores sometimes put certain programs on the market, so while customers go online to their respective platforms, they can see new packages or pinnacle-rated applications. Then, phrase of mouth is another popular way people learn about new apps. I do not know about you, but for me, packages like Angry Birds, Candy Crush Saga, Temple Run, and so on never existed until a friend of mine delivered me to this kind of notable application.

Once word receives out approximately your utility, then a viral procedure begins, and all of us start offevolved hearing approximately it, because of this: more downloads. Another manner is through Internet surfing, wherein users normally use search engines to look for new applications or find out about them via advertisements on extraordinary social networking websites.

Now that the capacity user has discovered your application, have you watched them? They may immediately begin to download it. If that were the case, would not all of us developers dwell in ‘developer’s heaven’? Unfortunately, it takes a lot more than the capability of customers stumbling upon your software to lead them to download your utility. Your application has to stand out and appeal to them for them to download it.

So, what gives your application the wow aspect? It’s more about how you market it than the content itself. The content is crucial. However, the consumer will learn that only after downloading the software. So here are five methods to get greater downloads to your utility: