Some of the popular splendour tips for teenage ladies aren’t based totally on any authentic evidence however as a substitute rumour handed down from one generation to any other. Often it’s miles the mothers of teenage ladies who feel that they’re compelled to proportion beauty secrets and techniques with their younger female offspring. Unfortunately, a number of these so-called splendour pointers for teenage women being shared by properly-meaning mothers aren’t based totally on any records and in some cases may also really purpose more damage than excellent. In this text, we are able to check some of these more famous time-tested splendour suggestions and inform you whether or not or now not each is based greater on reality than fiction.

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Beauty Tip #1: Fact or Fiction? Daily Hair Brushing For Healthy Hair

Have you been advised that to have healthful hair you need to comb your hair vigorously, at the least one hundred strokes of the comb, as a minimum as soon as each day? This beauty tip become commonly universal as being actual till very recently. Probably due to the fact any immoderate brushing of the hair will stimulate the production of herbal oils in the scalp leaving the hair looking brilliant and wholesome. Recent research have proven that this sort of excess hair brushing not handiest reasons you to have a completely oily scalp main to plugged hair pores to hinder hair boom plus the motion of the brushing on my own can weaken hair follicles and enhance the probabilities of hair breakage. So the smart end appears to be that this is one of these splendor tips for teenage women that may simply motive extra damage than right. Final verdict: Fiction

Beauty Tip #2: Fact or Fiction? Too Much Sitting Causes Varicose Veins

Have you ever visible a person with darkish blue veins running like a spider net up and down their legs and ft? If so, then you have visible what are referred to as varicose veins. One of the often shared beauty recommendations for teenage women states that these nasty looking veins are resulting from sitting too much. In this example, we are dealing with a truth. Varicose veins are introduced about by terrible blood move which often takes place whilst you are sitting for extended intervals of time, and also if you show up to be standing in a positive spot for a long time. To assist keep away from varicose veins it is very crucial to be moving your frame and stretching in order that there is good blood circulate for the duration of your frame, specially in the legs and ft. So avoid any state of affairs in which you are required to sit or stand for lengthy periods of time and instead try to rise up and stroll around or if standing, then circulate from one spot to some other to maintain that blood flowing.

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Beauty Tip #3: Fact or Fiction? Trim Your Hair Makes It Grow Faster

Of all the beauty recommendations for ladies that we’re going to study, this could be one of the most not unusual. Many girls will argue that this truly works. Sadly you have got cut your hair for nothing, as this does not work and is therefore fiction. Normal hair only grows at an average of 1 1/2 an inch each month with any extra growth going on handiest throughout the summer months. Trimming your hair will now not change this increasing cycle of the hair and purpose it to develop any quicker. In truth the hair trimming is doing simply the other, as soon as trimmed, alternatively, of getting the long hair you’re searching for in truth you currently have shorter hair!

Beauty Tip #4: Fact or Fiction? Toothpaste Is An Acne Cure

If you’re like many teenage girls and warfare to cope with facial acne, your determine or a person else may have advised using toothpaste as an acne treatment to your face. Not handiest is that this a fictional beauty tip for teenage girls, but is one beauty tip which can make your pimples trouble even worse. The truth is that toothpaste does not anything to assist remedy your facial pimples problem and if this isn’t bad enough, the chemical substances contained in the toothpaste may additionally virtually sell even greater zits and in some instances even lead to scarring. So again, avoid the use of toothpaste and are trying to find professional advice from a dermatologist about what products are safe and effective to use in your acne hassle. After all, it’s far called toothpaste for a motive!

Beauty Tip #5: Fact or Fiction? A Great Tan Equals Great Health

For many years each adult and young adults believed that having an exceptional suntan made you appearance wholesome. Sadly there are nonetheless many individuals who agree with this and even products being advertised in order to try and fool you into wondering that immoderate tanning is good for you. In truth, there is a lot of studies that proves certainly that the concept of getting a suntan to appear extra healthy is fake. Concentrated sun publicity regularly ends in pores and skin cancers, a number of which may be deadly to the victim. Recently even tanning beds had been shown to sell pores and skin cancers in a few customers and there may be a developing public call for restrictions on who can go to sun tanning shops, similar to regulating the sale of liquor. Obviously, we all like to move outdoor, mainly on a warm sunny day. No one is announcing which you can not ever move outside or maybe visit the seashore on a hot day. Rather you have to be a good deal more careful now than in the past due to the harsher rays of the sun. Apply sun safety lotions previous to going outdoor and if you are planning to spend a prolonged quantity of time inside the solar, then use as a minimum solar screen with an SPF score of 30. Don’t forget about to put on a hat to save you a solar burn for your scalp and wear light apparel to assist shield sensitive body components such as your legs and arms need to the lotion put on off. Many of you reading this can find that that is the toughest one of the splendour tips to just accept because we have all been subjected to so many advertisements over the years telling us how appealing searching a solar tan will make you look to the alternative intercourse.

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I wish that those splendour pointers for teenage ladies discussed in this newsletter will help you stay wholesome and keep away from some of the risks related to blindly believing things that are without a doubt not actual whilst we take a look at the way to be beautiful.