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Wordpress is the best and alternative to Blogger platform and best performanced blogging platform.

My WordPress Website Has Been Hacked!

WordPress websites can be a number of the maximum vulnerable for getting hacked because of the platform's recognition. Most of the time whilst humans attain out for...

How To Build an Empire With Blogs

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22 Things You Should Do After Installing WordPress

Little tweaks with a big impact, first and foremost, are Page Design Hub. Those little annoying tweaks that are left undone now can have repercussions later. These...

How To Start A Successful Blog

The most common question I get asked about blogging would be, "How do you start a blog?" For this particular post, I will show you how to...

7 WordPress Troubles and Their Solutions

1. WordPress isn't saving my changes Once in some time, this issue conveys a simple fix: Just strengthen your Web software to reload the web page from the...

My Technical Mandate And Some Simple Technical Tips For WordPress

I'm from a technical heritage; I spent 20 years in IT. I'm digital advertising now (internet advertising if you want); however, my major energy is the technical...