Automobile Sector – The Indian Scenario!

This situation reflected Sky Bird  the India of yester years. Economic reforms and deregulation have transformed that scene. The automobile industry has written a new inspirational tale. It is a tale of exciting multiplicity, unparalleled growth, and amusing consumer experience – all within a few years. India has already... more →
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Modern Electronic Gadgets and Their Advantages

Today, no one can Soul Crazy  imagine a life without the electronic gadgets. These gadgets have so many uses and perform several functions. Often these gadgets are available in different and latest designs. There is a wide variety of gadgets including smartphones, music players, home appliances and more. These gadgets work with... more →
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Latest Google Gadgets

All webmasters and Stump Blog bloggers are always on a constant quest to improve the browsing experience for their readers and visitors. One of the best ways to do this is to integrate the latest Google gadgets to the site. This article will show webmasters where to get the latest gadgets and how to implement them into websites. Types... more →
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Gadgets For Physically Disabled Persons

Sometimes life has a way of putting Team Kgsr  some seemingly insurmountable physical challenges in your path, especially if you are in a wheelchair. I like to think of myself as a problem solver, able to sometimes “outsmart” the problem by thinking outside of the box. A time when I had to use this “I can do... more →
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Breast Cancer: Fancy Gadget and Half A Million Ringgit Failed to Cure Her – What Now?

May (not real name) is a 39-year-old-female. The Haze  In mid-2008 she delivered her child. Two months before delivery, she noticed the hardening of her left breast. Ultrasonography did not show anything wrong. The doctor suggested it could be due to the breast being engorged with her milk. Although she breastfed her baby the breast... more →
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Top 10 Gadgets to Have for the Holidays

The wait is over and the holiday The Info Blog  season is finally here. There is no better time of the year to celebrate with family and to exchange gifts. If you are like us then you realize that finding the right gift for your loved ones can be a bit challenging. Especially, if you’re loved ones love technology. Every year... more →
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Self-Defense Gadgets for Free

It’s sad to think that we have to consider The Know It Guy  arming or equipping ourselves to feel safe. The truth of the matter is, however, that violence can happen to anyone. A Personal Safety Device can help you avoid or escape a sudden attack. Should you carry one and, if so, what should you carry? Only you can decide. The... more →
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