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Mobile is our daily life needs and we need it to have a better life experience in communications .

The Ecosystem Advantage

Apple has an atmosphere again. There isn't any denying it. Everyone knows it. But what precisely does it mean? In normal, reductionist style, iOS detractors knew the...

Mobile Apps Vs Mobile Web – Which Should Your Business Choose?

As more clever cellular telephones are bought, the excitement around mobile apps gets louder. So, each commercial enterprise must rush out and get a cell app developed...

The South African App Market: Where Are We Now?

There are more than half a million Android apps in the world. The i-Store, which officially garnered over 25 billion downloads in March this year, offers 5.5...

The Vainglory Modification Guide

One of the most talked-about topics on the World Wide Web nowadays is the "Vainglory Mod" and how it can increase your profits as a Vainglory player....

Future High Tech Marketing – Going Mobile (Digital Marketing)

Most humans nowadays have a cell phone most of the day, and this is the maximum non-public platform available for patron calls to action. People are out...

Mobile App Marketing: 5 Success Stories to Draw Inspiration From

By 2018, less than 0.01% of all mobile apps out there will be commercially successful. That's what Gartner says - and we've got no reason to doubt...

Ways to Market Your iPhone and iPod Touch App

While there is no magic formula or single marketing action that may do the trick for you, these strategies can provide you with a framework to help...