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Mobile is our daily life needs and we need it to have a better life experience in communications .

Five Yes’ to the iPhone 5S!

Apple released the iPhone 5S at the side of the 5C, pouring cold water on the ones awaiting an iPhone 6. But hello, the brand new derivatives...

Remote Patient Monitoring Using Mobile and Cloud Computing

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the next paradigm shift, wherein sensors are connected to the Internet, which accumulates facts for analysis to make our planet extra...

App Development Using Marmalade

In the latest technological world, apps with the most critical market share are available on numerous structures. Long long gone are the days of sincerely constructing local...

OS Wars: Lion VS Windows 8

In the beyond few weeks, each Microsoft and Apple, driven ahead their new running structures to put in force their visions for the future of computing. Microsoft's...

Five Ways to Get More Downloads for Your App

Have you created a super cool new app? Have you also tested and attempted your utility with a few potential customers? If so, then you definitely have...

Mobile App Marketing: five Success Stories to Draw Inspiration From

Stay.Com. Although constructing an application for Android first isn't a chief trend yet, that is what the guys from Cutehacks did. Stay.Com permits users to create customized...

Enterprise App Development Is the Future for Businesses

We are residing within the age of the cell, and in this fast-changing technological environment, it would not be ordinary to say that our lives are tangled...