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Mobile is our daily life needs and we need it to have a better life experience in communications .

Practical Mobile Marketing

Now, we will describe powerful mobile marketing methods you can implement in just a few minutes. We will investigate what the industry and the technology allow us...

Understanding Mobile Phones

Benefits of Fixed Mobile Convergence An organization can make three types of savings from a convergent solution: call costs, infrastructure, and productivity.Savings delivered through convergenceAlthough call cost savings...

10 Things You Need Before You Write An Apple App

You've visible the remarkable facts on Apple Apps and how everyday parents are reaching success with writing apps for the iPhone and iPad. Well, the primary thing...

Mobile App Marketing: five Success Stories to Draw Inspiration From

Stay.Com. Although constructing an application for Android first isn't a chief trend yet, that is what the guys from Cutehacks did. Stay.Com permits users to create customized...

Android User Security

Ten years ago, the Operating System workhorses for US Government IT networks were Windows for unclassified And Solaris for the classified traffic. There had been sprinklings of...

App Development for the Little Guy With the Big Idea

For the cell audience, downtime, or as an alternative, the dead time, is a component of the beyond. Whether we are within the waiting room of a...

Android Apps That Will Actually Make You Money While Shopping!

Shopping is either pure bliss or torture, depending on who you ask. Regardless of which end of the spectrum you are on, Android apps will help you...