As a Yorkshire Wedding Photographer, I frequently write articles about digicam methods and photographic styles. Today, I’m writing for the wider photographic network about photographers’ backup techniques, so if ‘tech geekery isn’t your factor, then other articles I have written may be of greater hobby. The topic of this article is undoubtedly important and one which I have been meaning to talk about for some time and is certainly helping me sleep extra without problems.

Clients frequently ask me about my backup method, particularly wedding ceremony clients. Without going into an excessive amount of elements, I explain that backup. The redundancy plan of those backups will imply that I will always have at least three copies of a marriage or commercial process to rely upon in the event of a disaster. Disasters happen, and disasters are available in all bureaucracies, from an herbal phenomenon, which includes a fireplace, electric failure, and flooding, to simple human errors such as riding over a laptop – yes, this has passed off to me!

Wedding PhotographersHaving labored as a photographer for over ten years now, I had been very secure with my backup method; it was lots exclusive lower back in the days of movies when there might only ever be one set of negatives so that they ALWAYS lived in a fire evidence safe however digital pictures permit me to without difficulty make copies. So I do, and in copious amounts!

What follows is evidence of my backup method that I use day on day trips, and it helps me sleep very well without problems at night. In the sphere, I use (A) Sandisk Ultra II four GB compact flashcards in my Nikon D700 cameras. I in no way use cards larger than this because if a card fails, is misplaced, or is stolen, at the least, I have a job spread over several cards, and all would not be lost.

At a standard wedding, I shoot at least 24-30 gigs (this is around 2500 photographs), so if I hit 16GB of playing cards, the stakes might be plenty higher! Once I have stuffed a card up, I then copy it in the subject to two gadgets at the same time: (B) A Jobo Giga One digital Wallet and (C) a MacBook Pro. The virtual wallet originally shipped with a 40GB hard force.

However, I modded it with a larger 160GB pressure to get more stuff on it. Once the wedding or the process is finished, and I have subsidized the entire collection, I will drive home with the Macbook. My assistant will always go home with the virtual pockets to have at least two sets in exceptional locations.

Once I get home, I then join the MacBook to a (D) 4 TB outside tough pressure and make some other copy, which stays at my residence, and that drive in no way leaves home. So, at this factor, I even have four copies of every job I do – you may think it’s overkill. However, the garage area is reasonably priced, and I like to sleep soundly at night! The subsequent stage of

The approach takes area at my workplace,  where I hook up the Macbook through a Gigabit Ethernet Switch to my (E) iMac, which then takes all of the photographs and copies them onto an (F) Verbatim 2TB Raid hard force device Raid drives are first-rate! In layman’s phrases, a RAID is two separate hard drives configured to reflect every different (they can be set in various configurations. However, the most comfortable technique is