Top 7 Best Facebook Apps (Games) Of June 2013

Facebook is a digital global with a lot of apps. And they are all one of a kind and (occasionally) addictive of their own sense. Top Facebook apps like Farmville, Criminal Case, Texas Holdem Poker and plenty of more are cherished by way of customers, serving as a super past-time, and possibly, an appropriate distraction. Sure, staying... more →
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TOP 5 Free Sites to Download Full Version Casual Games

According to VentureBeat mobile games are conquering the arena. Hardly a marvel, huh? Nevertheless, PC informal gaming nonetheless exists and those all over the global nevertheless want to play informal video games full version and loose. Let’s put aside those websites asking you to sign up to get a sport; showering ads on... more →
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iPad 2 – New and Updated Review

iPad 2 review The iPad2-release date in the US was March 11th. Review of Apple’s iPad 2 is not a simple one-way task. The new iPad 2 compared to last year’s extremely popular version, the iPad 2 is almost equivalent with regards to software, nevertheless more improved and also similar in terms of the hardware side at... more →
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Microsoft Surface pro and Macbook Pro

Imperfect, Heavy, Light, Powerful, and Excellent. Just shy of one year ago, I transitioned from a Macbook Pro and iPad combo to a Microsoft Surface Pro 128GB. In light of this week’s announcement of Surface Pro 3 and my acquisition of a Surface Pro 2, I think it’s time to reflect on what that experience was like. Like... more →
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Macbook Pro 2011 15 Inch Review

The rumor mill ran wild following the highly anticipated MacBook pro refresh. Liquid metal, standard SSDs, higher-res, updated design were among the false reports. What has changed however are the internals? Questions like: is this model worth upgrading to, or should I wait for the new model, will be answered in this article. Let’s... more →
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Little Mic and the Big Mac Myth

A few of years ago I spoke to the owner of an evolutionist website who informed me that he no longer bothered updating it because the war against Genesis and creationism had been well and truly won. At the same time, Richard Dawkins had written so many books that they occupied one whole shelf at my local Waterstones bookshop. And... more →
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Virus Protection For Computers

If you personal a pc or computers, the most critical thing you can do for your computer is to protect it with a powerful virus protection software. There are many virus protection software available for computer systems in the modern market. Most of this software include FREE TRIALS!! Before deciding on a deadly disease safety program... more →
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