Recently, Google introduced that the imminent model of its working machine can be numbered Android 6. Zero, and called Marshmallow. The bulletins killed hundreds of rumors and speculations surrounding Android M, the developer preview unveiled via Google on 28 May 2015. Google has announced that the final model of Marshmallow will be released in fall 2015. However, numerous websites have suggested that the very last version of Android may be launched in October.

So, each customer and builder is excited about using the brand-new functions covered within the very last version of Marshmallow. Google has already revealed several features while unveiling Android M in May. Also, the agency has already launched three developer preview variations of Marshmallow to facilitate cellular app improvement. Based on the developer preview variations released by Google, you may identify some of the new features protected in Android 6.0 Marshmallow without problems.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow

5 Features Users can count on from Android 6.0 Marshmallow

1) Android Pay

Google is completely revamping its mobile charge service to compete with Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. The made-over Android Pay blanketed in Marshmallow uses a near-field communication (NFC) terminal. A user can now purchase products from any member keep and make a charge without a doubt via clicking on the NFC terminal. He can similarly make payment cozy by creating a virtual account range without revealing debit and credit score card numbers. The Android builders should use Android Pay in cell apps to facilitate each in-app purchase and cell trade transaction.

2) Enhanced Google Now

The virtual assistant from Google gives Android a rating over other cellular working structures. Android 6. Zero will encompass an advanced Google Now to permit customers to get more applicable, contextual, and valuable records about the content presently walking at the device. For example, a user can use Google Now to accumulate additional statistics about YouTube videos showing on his screen. He has to maintain the mouse button to gather valuable facts and concepts related to the video clip.

3) Permission to Access Phone Features

While downloading an app, one has to furnish permission to access numerous gadgets like a speaker, digital camera, sensor, and vicinity. Android 6. Zero divides all app permissions into digicam, sensor, and location categories. This implies that even as downloading the app, granting authorization is no longer vital. The app will ask permission to apply a selected characteristic before appearing in a chosen function. For example, while attempting to make a name via WhatsApp, the software will ask you for permission to apply the speaker every time you make a name. And therefore, you must furnish consent to get entry to the speaker every time you want to call using WhatsApp.

4) Option to Add Fingerprint Support

While developing apps for Marshmallow, builders now have added the option to use a fingerprint guide. Google has covered a biometric API in the cellular working system to create apps with fingerprint support. The feature will help Android improvement specialists to make apps more secure and customized. At the same time, fingerprint aid will similarly allow users to make a charge through Android Pay more easily.

5) Doze

Android 6.0 can even come with a new feature known as Doze to reinforce the tool’s battery lifestyle. Doze will optimize power conservation by identifying if the device is in a rested country. Google claims it has already examined the function’s effectiveness to make the battery life two instances longer while the tool is in standby mode. Doze will permit fewer background services but no longer affect direct incoming messages, notifications, or alarms.