Why Did Christ Come Into the World?

It seems to be a foregone conclusion today that Globe Inform Christ came into this world over 2000 years ago to establish his glorious earthly kingdom in Israel. And since he failed to do that at that time, he must return soon to set it up! This establishment of an earthly kingdom in Israel was the same thing that was on the minds... more →
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Summary of World Trade News

Once again, it’s that time of the week to catch up Graet Gossip  on the latest happenings in the world of international trade. To start off this week’s world trade news round up, Proctor and Gamble recently announced that they will cut down jobs that cover technical posts. About 300 scientists and researchers are expected... more →
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World Trade News

During the past week, the world has witnessed a Graet Intelligence  series of events that influenced the various sectors of the growing global economy. On one hand, some events promised more developments and expansion not only in the international trade but also in specific countries. On the other hand, some occurrences may negatively... more →
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It’s a Mahdi, Mahdi, Mahdi, Mahdi World!

It’s not very often that I wax political. I’m wrong about so many OTHER aspects of human life, why expose myself to more ridicule, more personal attacks from my fellow Christian Americans? But something’s been stuck in my craw for a while now and I have to get this off my chest Blog Express. Perhaps you’ve... more →
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Booming: Television News Channels in India

News programs have suddenly become hot Graet News Network  property and are vying for attention with other popular programs telecast in different channels. All major television broadcasters are including at least one news channel to their bouquet. The biggest headache for launching a satellite channel is program software for round... more →
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Should Your Child Watch TV News? Surprising Opinions of Top Anchors

More than ever, children witness innumerable, sometimes traumatizing, news events on TV. It seems that violent crime and bad news is unabating. Foreign wars, natural disasters, terrorism, murders, incidents of child abuse, and medical epidemics flood our newscasts daily. Not to mention the grim wave of recent school shootings. All... more →
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Closer To Truth: Is Time Travel Possible?

There is an ongoing PBS TV Jacc Blog  series (also several books and also a website) called “Closer To Truth”. It is hosted by neuroscientist Robert Lawrence Kuhn. He’s featured in one-on-one interviews and panel discussions with the cream of the cream of today’s cosmologists, physicists, philosophers, theologians,... more →
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